Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Madness

Happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The heat is here to stay for awhile here in Nebraska! Whew, it has been HOT! Nebraska Summers are blessed with humidity...along with near 100 degree heat and no wind. Not really pleasant going outside. BUT we did manage to be outside a great deal this weekend with projects and water fun for our boys. The weekends fly by and now it's back to Monday. :)

Last week was a fun thrifty find time!! I'll be sharing all week what I have scored for cheap, super cheap and FREE! And the bathroom should make a reveal this week as well, so stay tuned. :)

I made a Goodwill trip with no little boys at my side. I love my boys to death but sometimes it's like having a bowling ball in a china shop! They like to touch things, each other, mess around...and I spend most of my time being the referee. LOL So it was alone time for me amongst the junk!

One of the things I found (and I did find a few!) was $1 valances. Son #1 needed some new curtains. I would rather pay $1 than full price at a store any day! I showed my son his new curtains and he thought they were WAY too plain! Well I had a craft project up my sleeve to kind of spruce them up.

I needed craft paint, painter's tape and a stencil brush.

I decided to paint some stripes on the curtains. I like the look of old burlap with simple stripes and stencils. I don't have a steady hand so I used my painter's tape for my template. I just eyeballed it, I don't measure too often. :) Takes too long.

Remember Son #1 loves Blue! So I used "Uniform Blue". I had the black paint handy just in case if I wanted to darken it up a little. But I didn't have to use it. Oh and I don't usually use this thick of painter's tape...okay never! But somehow my 1'' tape walked off and I can't find it (I'm thinking Son #1 took it, he loves to play with it...). Thinner tape is much easier to work with!

And I didn't worry about getting special fabric paint. I used what I had. I know enough that this craft paint is pretty permanent if it gets on my clothes.

This simple project was done in NO time!! I had hubby hang up the new curtain rods (silver was requested again) I found on sale.

The look is simple but sure makes a difference. And my son changed his mind on the look of his new curtains. He loves them! Oh and the "tabs" on top were a little long for my taste, so I pinned them up a little. Can't even tell. I also ironed the curtains and the paint to "set" the color into the fabric, just in case.

I thought I would share another flash back makeover that I did last year. I found this end table at a garage sale for $3.

I sanded the wood all down, painted it black, then sanded the edges, then added dark walnut stain for some richness. This is one of my favorite pieces!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some more goodies with you! Have a super day!



  1. Those curtains are so neat your projects!


  2. i never thought to paint curtains!! what a great idea!!


  3. Kindra, I have never painted on fabric but you give the courage to try. I don't have full drapes in my house with the exception of our master bedroom. However, I saw in this month's Country Sampler where they used full-length drapes--tied back--with the valance at the bottom. It looked amazing. We prefer our windows to be used for their #1 purpose - to see out of. This affords a pretty good view. Just thought I 'd share this with you, as I know you are always doing different things. I love how the valances turned out.
    I also love the cabinet you made over. I have you to thank for the process I use myself. Paint-sand-paint-stain. I use your colors and I love every thing I have been able to accomplish. Thank you, Kindra, for sharing with me! ★ Linda ★

  4. Love the flashback makeover ... and the spruced up GW curtains. You're always so inspiring, my talented and crafty friend ...


  5. Again, super cute and you make it look so easy. I would never have thought of getting those cutains and painting them, now I would think twice about them and what I could do with them. My son needs new curtains for his room and I could even sew some curtains like those with sheets and stencil them. Kindra, you are an inspiration!!!!

  6. I totally know what you are talking about regarding a bowling ball in a china shop - my boys are the same way! Love the curtains and the cabinet redo.

  7. ADORE THE CURTAINS and the table, beautiful job on both well well done! Thanks for linking up too. Jenn

  8. Your curtains look great!! I love that distressed, striped look. :) Visiting from Craft-O-Maniac's party. :)

  9. Perfect frugal project!! You are geeting so good at the frugl finds!! I can't wait to see what you have for the rest of the week!!:0)

  10. AWESOME!! Thaat is the first word that came to my mind. Love the curtains and the makeover. I have painted on fabric before, but never thought to do it on a valance--LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Julie

  11. Kindra, once again, your work is fabulous! I love the look of the curtain, it's just enough too!

  12. Oh! fantastic makeovers! I'm all about the black distress wood right now : )


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