Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free, Free, Free!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Sorry I was gone for so long...my son and I got the stomach bug last week which wasn't fun!

My birthday was yesterday. It felt just like any other day. :) I had to work Sunday night so I was really tired all day actually. But I had to make a trip into Lincoln for an appointment, so I did a little shopping while I was in town.

I headed to one of my favorite places, EcoStores Nebraska, a salvage center full of wonderful junk! In August they had a wonderful sale, slashing prices to get rid of some inventory. Well this week everything (except lumber) is FREE!! Woo Hoo! So anyone in the Lincoln area, go on and check it out!

I was kidless and took full advantage of this trip! I grabbed 4 lovely 1980's style light fixtures. Pretty huh? They will be getting some makeovers. I have a few spots in my home that need a little POW! in the light fixture department...

I got 5 cans of barely used paint! 4 shades of blue and one tan.

2 cupboard doors. Look at the black one! Lovely!! I won't even need to paint it, just sand. :)

I love this storage basket. This will be perfect...somewhere. LOL

This was a fun trip! But it really did feel like I was stealing...I took out of the parking lot as fast as I could! Ha!

I went to go pick up my son from my aunt's house and she gave me a FREE coat! My 20 year old cousin is very stylish and I sometimes get her leftovers. :) This coat was off to the thrift store, so I'm glad that I got it in the nick of time!

A couple weeks ago, I also got these FAB purses and sandals from my cousin's stash as well. :)

So there you have it! My FREE Birthday Day! My Boys and I had pizza and leftover birthday cake for supper and then I vegged out on the couch since I was almost comatose from only 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hours period. LOL But it was a good, good day! I am really blessed.

I'll be back tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

State of the Art

What do you get when you have some old garage sale frames, scrapbook paper and gorilla glue...then put them all together?!! A fun art piece for Son #1 aka Mr. K's room!

My son loves maps. We live in Nebraska. So gotta highlight our great state!

What I used:
2 garage sale frames-the small one was 10 cents and was already painted the pretty blue. I sanded it a little and added some Early American-MinWax stain to it. The bigger frame was probably 50 cents. I painted it cream and just sanded the edges.

I cut out the state's shape out of brown cardstock and added the star for Lincoln, our state capital...which we live just 20 minutes south. I used off white cardstock for the background to make it pop.

In the bigger frame I used a piece of scrapbook paper that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. I love the colors in it!!

Here's the fun part. I cleaned up the dusty glass real good. Then I just glued the small frame right on to the big frame's glass. I used Gorilla Glue. I love that stuff! I placed a heavy bowl on top until it was dry and secure.

So now we have a fun art piece to showcase our great state. Not bad for probably $1 in materials!

This is super easy for anyone to make! Don't want to showcase your state? How about your child's art, photo, monogram or a favorite sport/activity...? The ideas are endless. Hope this inspires you to go through your old frames and make a creation!

Have a beautiful day!


Show and Tell Green

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kid Stuff

Son #1 (by the way, I'm still thinking of nicknames for my sons to use on my blog. LOL) has started his 1st grade school year! I miss him so...but I know he is enjoying himself. School is such his element. He loves to learn and be with his friends! He had a great 1st day yesterday and even though son #2 and I miss him, we are happy hearing about his awesome school days.

This week, my son and I made Kool-Aid Playdoh. This was fun! They probably turned out a little more gooey than "normal" playdoh, but still fun. There are lots of recipes for it. Just google Kool-Aid playdoh or use my swagbucks search at the bottom of my blog. :)

We have a busy weekend coming up. Church bazaar tonight, my nephew's birthday party, Sunday School starts up again, BBQ supper for church, then work Sunday night. Phew!

Money is tight this month...we ended putting a new a/c unit in our car. That was a pretty penny...or should I say pennies?!!  So I had to think creatively cheap for my nephew's birthday present. He is turning the BIG 3! So I followed this Freezer Paper Stenciling Tutorial and made his own Nebraska Husker shirt!

My brother and his family are big Nebraska Husker fans, especially football. So I thought this gift was appropriate. :) This was fun and easy to do!

Front (shirt from Hobby Lobby-$2.99 regular price, but use your 40% off coupon!)


Add some crayons and a cheap book and this makes a great gift!

Now I got to make some cool shirts for my boys!

Thanks for stopping by! I love to read your comments! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have the winner for the CSN Stores $40 Gift Certificate! I let random.org choose the winner...

Congatulations Heather from Summerstead! Lucky Ducky! CSN Stores will be contacting you through email.

Thanks so much for everyone that entered! I wish I could of given every one of you a prize. I appreciate all your warm comments. That is why I love blogging so much!

I had a couple people ask yesterday how we attached the doors to make our "wall". We have an exposed beam and posts that made is super easy to attach. If you didn't have an exposed beam then You would have to make you own studs/beams for you to attach the doors to...like you would with drywall. I hope that makes sense.

I will hopefully be back soon with some more projects. Son #1 starts 1st grade tomorrow. So we are just taking it easy this week and enjoying playing before the big day! Have your kiddos started school yet? Seems to start earlier every year!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knock, Knock...Part 2

The weather has finally "cooled" off here in Nebraska. It's actually cool and rainy today and feels good for a change. My grass is ever so thankful. LOL

Just a REMINDER that the CSN Stores $40 gift certificate giveaway ends tonight! So sign up if you haven't yet! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. :)

I wanted to share another blast from the past project! In our basement, we have a partly unfinished room. To be honest that was one of the selling points of this house for us. LOL So I can have a craft room and not have to worry about spilling paint, sanding, etc...This room is also the entrance from our basement garage. This was not a fun site to see everyday when coming into our home. This was a very bad day in craft room land when I took this picture. (You crafters out there know how it is...)

So I scored like 10 old doors for $10 from my cousin! They were sitting out in our shed when I came up with the idea of making a "wall" out of them. My hubby was more than happy to free up a little space in his shed and began assembling.

I ended up painting the doors "bread basket" from Pittsburgh paints. Then I added some dark walnut stain for some richness. I purposely left the door knobs and hinges.

Now this wall is one of our favorite things in our house! We have a separate space for our mudroom area and we don't have to see MY mess as we enter our home on a daily basis. Much cheaper than putting up drywall!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! I'll be back tomorrow with a winner!

Update:the giveaway has ended. Thanks!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Friday, August 13, 2010

Knock, Knock...

I love doors. My heart sinks when I see old doors with chippy white paint. Sigh...I have a stack of doors in our shed that hubby can't wait for me to get out of there! Ha! There are so many projects going through my head on what to do with them. It takes time to make a masterpiece. :)

Son #2 just transitioned from a crib to a bed this summer. We had him sleeping on the floor with the mattress first to get used to not falling out...so now it was time he moved to big time and had a frame!

I have always wanted to make a door headboard. The look is simple but so so nice! I was kind of leery using an old door for my young son's room. He's a wild man! And I don't need any old lead paint to make him more wild! So we came across a brand new big wood door at a garage sale this summer. It was a little more than what I would normally would spend on a door but the peace of mind it was lead free was worth it.

This door was big! Too big for any of our doorways in our house even. Hubby cut 2 pieces for the head and foot boards. There was even some leftover for me to use on another project! Yeah!

I painted the door black and added a 1x3 to the top and 2x2's for the sides (for easy mounting purposes). And as always, I sanded it and stained it dark walnut~MinWax. I also applied MinWax wax for a little protection. Plus it's nice and smooooooth.

And here it is today in Son #2's room and he LOVES it!

The comforter is actually from Wal-Mart and this thing is soooo soft! I wish it was on my bed! I had black or grey in mind but Son #2 chose RED. We have just discovered that RED is his favorite color.

Hubby attached the "doors" to the metal frame holding the box springs and mattress.

Oh the bench at the foot of the bed, I made awhile back. I was using it as our "coffee table" but I like it much better in here! I'm thinking about painting it red someday. I got the blue baskets for $1 each at Target. As you can see 2 are empty...

Because this is what the floor looks like during my photo shoot. :)
This boy sure loves cars!

Sometime soon, I will share the rest of his "car" room. The MOPAR sign is from a garage sale. I wanted this on eBay and found it for more than 1/2 price less at a sale instead! My hubby likes MOPAR muscle cars...so I knew he would appreciate the sign as well. I love the "vintage look"!

Thanks for taking a peak at my latest project. I'll be back soon with more! Have a great weekend!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Awesome Giveaway Time!

EDITED: 8/18/10

On August 30, I'm turning 32! So to celebrate, CSN Stores has offered a $40 gift certificate to any of their 200+ websites! Woo Hoo! I'm super jealous! :)

CSN Stores has Everything! Dining room sets, cookware, clothing, kids' toys, bedding, accessories...you name it! And most of their items have free shipping! Bonus!

Just for fun, I did a little virtual shopping.

That was fun, now it's your turn!
To Enter:

1. Go to CSN stores and pick something out you would like to buy with your $40 gift card if you won! Please share with a comment.
2. Must be a follower. Leave another comment telling me you are!

Optional additional Entries
3. Blog or Twitter about this giveaway. Leave me a comment where you shared this at!
4. Just for fun. Leave me a comment telling me what day your birthday is. Age is optional. :)

You can have up to 4 comments total to enter!

If you don't have a blog, please leave me an email address so I can get a hold of you if you are the winner.

This giveaway is only open to United States and Canada residents.

Good Luck!

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm (central time) on Tuesday, August 17. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday, August 18.