Monday, August 9, 2010

Have A Seat

Hello peeps! I hope your weekend was great! I did manage to get a couple projects done. I'll share one with you today. It was super easy!

Remember this bench I (hubby) picked up in our neighbors trash. :) I did a quickly little makeover on it. It had a gross vinyl top on it but it was easy to remove. When I was taking it apart, it looked like someone made it back in the day...

And here it is today! Yeah!

I painted the legs "parchment" from folk art craft paints. I sanded the edges and added Early American stain by MinWax.

For the top, I added some thin batting and muslin fabric I already had in my craft stash. I just wrapped the top like a present and stapled the fabric to the bottom. Super easy to do!

Then I taped off some lines with painter's tape and painted them dark red with a stenciling brush. Then I looked through my fonts on the computer and found a fun "J" (for our last name). It adds a nice touch. I just drew it on with a pencil and then painted.

There are so many muslin fabrics out there. I had this nice one where you can really see the weave and texture. It gives the look of burlap, but so much smoother.

I wipped this up in no time. And the stain dried in NO TIME with our HOT summer we've been having. We have been in a heat advisory for the past week, it seems! It's just no fun being a sauna. Blah.

Our little bench will make it's home in our master bathroom that will soon get it's makeover. Can't wait!

Come by again on Wednesday! I have a fun giveaway to announce!
Have a wonderful day!

Keeping It Simple


  1. Looks great! What a difference your touches made to that bench! Hasn't it been a HOT summer, almost too hot to enjoy being outside. Have a great afternoon...stay cool.

  2. You are so creative. Love that bench.


  3. Gorg. Bench adore the fabric and the monogrammed initial, well done! Looks Fab. thanks for linking too. Jenn

  4. Great bench, it's hot here too.

    Have a great one, Janie

  5. Kindra, It is so dramatic a change. Did you make it shorter? And you amaze me that you added your initial just by looking at a font--amazing talent! =)

  6. Wow Kindra, your bench makeover is fantastic. I love the whole thing! xx

  7. kindra, i am loving the bench!!
    the cover you made is really cool. i was thinking of making some throw pillow covers like that. i had seen one in PB catalog but its out of my budget. lol
    how did you draw the "j" on there ?? did you do it free hand or use the font and transfer it with carbon paper?
    thanks and again, great job!

  8. Thanks for all you kind comments!

    Kim~I just free handed the "J". I was a little intimidated at first but it turned out to be very easy!

  9. Kindra, love the bench, who knew!!

  10. I LOVE the bench,,,,, what a great find and you are SO talented, cant wait to see it in its new home~!

  11. Once again, another awesome makeover :) I love the look you gave it!

  12. Another fabulous "free" makeover, Kindra! You're on a roll, my friend!

    Stay cool and have a great rest-of-the-week...



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