Friday, August 20, 2010

Kid Stuff

Son #1 (by the way, I'm still thinking of nicknames for my sons to use on my blog. LOL) has started his 1st grade school year! I miss him so...but I know he is enjoying himself. School is such his element. He loves to learn and be with his friends! He had a great 1st day yesterday and even though son #2 and I miss him, we are happy hearing about his awesome school days.

This week, my son and I made Kool-Aid Playdoh. This was fun! They probably turned out a little more gooey than "normal" playdoh, but still fun. There are lots of recipes for it. Just google Kool-Aid playdoh or use my swagbucks search at the bottom of my blog. :)

We have a busy weekend coming up. Church bazaar tonight, my nephew's birthday party, Sunday School starts up again, BBQ supper for church, then work Sunday night. Phew!

Money is tight this month...we ended putting a new a/c unit in our car. That was a pretty penny...or should I say pennies?!!  So I had to think creatively cheap for my nephew's birthday present. He is turning the BIG 3! So I followed this Freezer Paper Stenciling Tutorial and made his own Nebraska Husker shirt!

My brother and his family are big Nebraska Husker fans, especially football. So I thought this gift was appropriate. :) This was fun and easy to do!

Front (shirt from Hobby Lobby-$2.99 regular price, but use your 40% off coupon!)


Add some crayons and a cheap book and this makes a great gift!

Now I got to make some cool shirts for my boys!

Thanks for stopping by! I love to read your comments! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOL well it figures!! Today I figured out I would read your post in google reader then come here to comment. So I did that and today I can actually see the background and text! LOL

    What a neat idea for a gift!! I have to check out that site!!

    UGH - gotta have that a/c in the car - and you are so right - it does cost a LOT of pennies.

    Enjoy all the events coming up!!

  2. What wonderful creating, Kindra! Such a fun b-day idea...

    We're heading toward our first-day fun as well. The kids are extremely excited and, as always, they're looking forward to the school time routine and activity. First and fourth grade this year, starting on Aug. 30th.

    (((BIG HUGS)))


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