Friday, August 13, 2010

Knock, Knock...

I love doors. My heart sinks when I see old doors with chippy white paint. Sigh...I have a stack of doors in our shed that hubby can't wait for me to get out of there! Ha! There are so many projects going through my head on what to do with them. It takes time to make a masterpiece. :)

Son #2 just transitioned from a crib to a bed this summer. We had him sleeping on the floor with the mattress first to get used to not falling now it was time he moved to big time and had a frame!

I have always wanted to make a door headboard. The look is simple but so so nice! I was kind of leery using an old door for my young son's room. He's a wild man! And I don't need any old lead paint to make him more wild! So we came across a brand new big wood door at a garage sale this summer. It was a little more than what I would normally would spend on a door but the peace of mind it was lead free was worth it.

This door was big! Too big for any of our doorways in our house even. Hubby cut 2 pieces for the head and foot boards. There was even some leftover for me to use on another project! Yeah!

I painted the door black and added a 1x3 to the top and 2x2's for the sides (for easy mounting purposes). And as always, I sanded it and stained it dark walnut~MinWax. I also applied MinWax wax for a little protection. Plus it's nice and smooooooth.

And here it is today in Son #2's room and he LOVES it!

The comforter is actually from Wal-Mart and this thing is soooo soft! I wish it was on my bed! I had black or grey in mind but Son #2 chose RED. We have just discovered that RED is his favorite color.

Hubby attached the "doors" to the metal frame holding the box springs and mattress.

Oh the bench at the foot of the bed, I made awhile back. I was using it as our "coffee table" but I like it much better in here! I'm thinking about painting it red someday. I got the blue baskets for $1 each at Target. As you can see 2 are empty...

Because this is what the floor looks like during my photo shoot. :)
This boy sure loves cars!

Sometime soon, I will share the rest of his "car" room. The MOPAR sign is from a garage sale. I wanted this on eBay and found it for more than 1/2 price less at a sale instead! My hubby likes MOPAR muscle I knew he would appreciate the sign as well. I love the "vintage look"!

Thanks for taking a peak at my latest project. I'll be back soon with more! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love doors too!! This looks fantastic...great job! :)

  2. Don't know why I can't see the text...must be a disconnect with the background you use and Apple's software but I take it you turned those doors into the bed!! Amazing!!

  3. I, too, have seen the door headboards and they are awesome. Yours looks fabulous! You do such great work. :>

  4. There are so many great projects that start with doors. I really love the bed you made. It looks so sturdy and has such character.

  5. What a GREAT idea!! I am so impressed & inspired, we might have one of these at hour house soon :)

  6. What a great idea!
    Again, my son and your youngest could be long lost son's room looks the same and I love how he plays on the floor the same way, with his arm up my his head.
    His room looks great!

  7. This is simply terrific! Great job! I'm loving your blog and happy to be your newest follower! I'd love to invite you to my link party/giveaway every Friday at FrouFrouDecor! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ FFD~

  8. Great trasformation of a door! The bed looks great. Your son's car room is just adorable and so is your son playing on the floor with his cars. Boy, do I miss those days!
    Blessings to you all~ Birgit

  9. Kindra, I LOVE it,,,,,,, I would have never have thought to do that, it just looks amazing and I love the chest at the end of his bed too~ you always amaze me with your talents~!!!!!
    hugs, Darla

  10. Fabulous as always Kindra!!! Your son must be so excited to have a big boy bed! Its an awesome bed, the red and black go so good together!!:0) Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. Kindra you are amazing and have such a clever imagination. I would never think to do something like that with doors. You sure have been BUSY lately.


  12. That's just the neatest idea :)
    LOVE it, Kindra!! Beautiul job (as always)!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Kindra, you and your husband are so talented! Everything you do turns out so beautifully! I am sooo envious! I can't even get my painted projects to turn out the way you do. I can't ever get the sanding part down to look very good. Any tips? I love both boys' rooms, and that great bathroom redo also!
    Have a great day,
    Janet A.

  14. Looks great Kindra! Love the stain... Son #1 and #2 have such a creative mom!

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  16. Love that bed, Kindra! You did a great job! I love things made from doors! I especially love when you can create something so beautiful at a fraction of the cost!

    Have a great week!

  17. I LOVE this bed! It's gorgeous. I'm saving it in my we-might-need-this-some-day file. :)

  18. Great job Kindra ----love your blog and all your projects----can't wait to see all that transpires once school starts and you have all the "extra" time!!!! ;)

  19. You did a great job on the bed and bench - love both of them!


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