Wednesday, August 25, 2010

State of the Art

What do you get when you have some old garage sale frames, scrapbook paper and gorilla glue...then put them all together?!! A fun art piece for Son #1 aka Mr. K's room!

My son loves maps. We live in Nebraska. So gotta highlight our great state!

What I used:
2 garage sale frames-the small one was 10 cents and was already painted the pretty blue. I sanded it a little and added some Early American-MinWax stain to it. The bigger frame was probably 50 cents. I painted it cream and just sanded the edges.

I cut out the state's shape out of brown cardstock and added the star for Lincoln, our state capital...which we live just 20 minutes south. I used off white cardstock for the background to make it pop.

In the bigger frame I used a piece of scrapbook paper that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. I love the colors in it!!

Here's the fun part. I cleaned up the dusty glass real good. Then I just glued the small frame right on to the big frame's glass. I used Gorilla Glue. I love that stuff! I placed a heavy bowl on top until it was dry and secure.

So now we have a fun art piece to showcase our great state. Not bad for probably $1 in materials!

This is super easy for anyone to make! Don't want to showcase your state? How about your child's art, photo, monogram or a favorite sport/activity...? The ideas are endless. Hope this inspires you to go through your old frames and make a creation!

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Amazing Kindra! Your great ideas are endless! This look fabulous and it also looks like it is worth waaay more than $1.00! Great job! Hasn't the weather been gorgeous?! We have been enjoying it to the fullest! Take care! ~Sarah~

  2. This is incredible. I love it! All four members of my family have been born in a different state. I'd like to make all four and group them together on the wall. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I love it Kindra, great idea and wonderful job on it!


  4. As a Nebraska girl at heart, you know I love this! :) Love seeing all the cool stuff you've been doing. Have a great day!

  5. Love your state patriotism! We live in Texas but have Nebraska roots and can't wait to move back!

    Your projects are so cute, too!

  6. Great project! I can see how that could translate into all sorts of cute things.

  7. You need this featured at Dollar Store Crafts- it's a great idea, for little cash! EXCELLENT!

  8. That's really cute, and I love the price tag!

  9. I LOVE this idea - to layer to pictures like this is SOOO awesome....totally gonna copy that from you...someday! Loving that I found your cute little blog!


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