Thursday, September 2, 2010

Easy Art

I did a fun and easy project yesterday!

I have been hearting THIS ART lately! But I just can't afford it. Sigh...

So my next best thing was try to create one myself using Picnik. Do you use Picnik? I love it! Plus it's free!

I started off with this photo of my 2 beautiful boys. We were blessed with some wonderful zucchini in our garden this summer. I love this picture.

I edited it using Picnik's many features to make it more "artsy" looking. Then I saved it to my computer and did nothing with it.

Then I came across Walgreen's photo deal a day a couple weeks ago. Each day for a week they had a photo special going on. One day I got a free 8x10. Score! And another day they had FREE Photo Clings.

Photo clings can stick to a "wall, door, window or another smooth surface—even the ceiling! And you can move them or remove them just as easily. If a cling loses its "stick," just rub it against the carpet or something fuzzy to create static and make it cling again. "

With one sheet you can get four 5x7s, two 8x10s, or one 11x17. I decided to get the 11x17.

My heart was giddy when I opened my package! I just love how it turned out! But my photo cling sat around for a week...deciding how and what I should do with it. I guess I could of stuck it to the wall but I wanted it to have a nice frame or even put it on a canvas. So I went back and forth on ideas.

Then yesterday I walked past my FREE cupboard doors that I got from the Salvage center this week. A light bulb went off. I checked and one of the doors was almost a perfect fit! Woo! This would work as a wonderful frame!

So I painted it cream, sanded and added Early American MinWax stain to it.

I trimmed the photo cling just a bit to fit...peeled the back off.

Then put it in place. No glue necessary!

Now I have a wonderful "art" piece of my beautiful boys! And it was almost FREE. I did pay shipping. But I would definitely pay the full price $9.99 for more of these photo clings in the future! They're super!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!




  1. That is so cool, Kindra!!! And a great picture of your sweet boys.

    I also LOVE using Picnik ... and now I'm really intrigued by these photo clings. Hmmm...

    You are always so full of ideas, my friend! I hope you're all well, staying cool, and enjoying the back-to-school routine.


  2. Love, Love Kindra! What a great and creative idea! And once again you do it on a budget! Thank you for being such an inspiration! We didn't get any hail last night, but we got wind and rain. Today is more of the same. Hoping it shapes up for the weekend! Have a great day and weekend! Take care. ~Sarah~

  3. P.S. I have never heard of Picnik! I am going to check it out!! :)

  4. I LOVE Picnik! This is awesome. I had no idea you could get something like this at Walgreens. It looks fantastic on that cupboard door.

  5. I love this picture! Picnic is a useful tool! Hope you are loving our cooler temps....Autumn is in the air!

  6. Awesome project! You're on a roll with some great ideas. I'm going to check out Picnik - thanks for the idea.

  7. That looks great! Thanks for checking out my Halloween Rag Wreath over at A Little Bit of Everything!

  8. I love it when you get good stuff free without knowing what to do with it then getting a GREAT idea to make it "worth" hauling it all home - good job!

  9. Seriously, Kindra...this is great! Lovely work, my friend.

  10. WOW!!!! I LOVE this! You are so's just amazing. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  11. Totally awesome, Kindra!! I don't know how you come up with so many wonderful ideas!! This one was my favorite!!

  12. Oh wow! You're amazing! I just LOVED that. So crafty you are.
    I'm new to your blog, absolutely LOVE it.
    Just became a follower.

  13. Oh Kindra! I think I was just about as giddy looking at your finished product! I LOVE how that turned out! You're so clever! I absolutely love Picnik. I've never seen the photo clings, but you've definitely got my wheels turning now! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful idea! The cabinet door combined with the pic is definitely a winning combination! Not to mention that your handsome guys MAKE it look good! :)



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