Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fireplace Cover Makeover

Another simple makeover I did last night/this morning.

I love my fireplace cover.

I made it from an old window a few years ago. I knocked out the glass and inserted plywood in it's place, then added some "legs" for it to stand. I painted a simple American flag design on it. It's simple and it covers up our unused fireplace.

On the other side I painted it red with a simple star. I was in a hurry to get it done so this is what I came up with at the time. And I was never fond of it and never used this side. So I wanted to spruce it up.

Before state:

And here is is now! I love this quatrefoil design that I have been seeing everywhere lately. I wanted to add a little bit to our living room and thought this was a great place to try it. And if I didn't like it then I could always paint over it. :)

I downloaded the pattern HERE. I just traced and hand painted over my pencil markings. When I was done, I did add some dark walnut stain to make it more aged to match the frame.

I. Love. It.

It's a wonderful attention piece to add to our room.

Wreath $2 from garage sale. Isn't it cute?!

I wanted to share some of my goodies I got from my friend's garage sale this past weekend.

Chair $1
Enamelware 50 cents
Basket 25 cents
Stool 50 cents
Frame 25 cents
Door Free!

I didn't break the bank there!

Now I think my hubby wants me to slow down on these awesome deals. He wants his garage back. It's getting a little full.

I'm off to tackle more on my to-do list! Have a super day!



  1. I know I've said this before ... but I wish I could go yard sale-ing with you, Kindra! You find the best stuff ... and so cheaply too. Can't wait to see what all of these treasures become ;)

    It's always fun to admire your latest makeovers. And the wreath above your "new" fireplace screen is beautiful as well.


  2. You make it all seem so easy! It looks wonderful Kindra!
    Those are such nice items from the garage sale, you did good!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The fireplace cover is beautiful, Kindra! It's a completely different look from the flag side. I love it! And it looks gorgeous at the firplace with the wreath over it.

    Great garage sale finds, too! I particularly like the chair and the stool. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. I love it all three're so talented!! The last design is awesome too though!

    Nice finds too!

    Great job!

  5. Oh, wow. I love that!! I love that you made it yourself to start with, and how you transformed it. I'm your newest follower :)

  6. I love your makeover! Something very different and when you want a change just a simple flip. Neat idea!

    Like Colleen said, I so would love to shop garage sales with you. You do find the most amazing things for next nothing.

    Can't wait to see the makeovers...

  7. There is something about that quatrefoil design that is so classy - I love how it looks under your wreath.
    Love the 'finds'!
    I'm visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans.

  8. What a great idea. I have been collecting old windows for a while and I'm always looking for projects to do with them. I love the American flag side. I also meant to tell you- I love your new fall header. Love those photos and the pretty, soft fall colors.


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