Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sarah's House

My newest Sarah Richardson. :) I discovered Sarah's House on HGTV a couple weeks ago. I don't have cable or I resort to for past episodes. I'm forever grateful for networks posting on their websites to get my tv fix sometimes. Especially decorating and reality shows! LOL

I love Sarah's style. She usually decorates using high end accessories but she throws in those cheap flea market/auction finds to give the room that extra touch! And some of her high end choices can easily be remade cheaper with a creative my mind just flows when I watch her show! Plus she's really funny!

Here is some of her FAB work!

Images from HGTV

Plus, I love her sidekick, Tommy. Anyone else watch Sarah's House?

No baby in mind...but I love the room! Just switch out the crib with a bed!

I discovered MORE episodes on HGTV Canada! So I know what I'll be doing while Son #2 aka Mr. T is taking a nap.

What's your favorite decorating show or designer? I would love hear!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. i love to watch her show! so many awesome ideas to check out. :)
    i love the letters around the wall in the baby's room. maybe even do something like that in a hallway?
    have a great weekend, kindra!
    p.s. thanks for the tip about the canada episodes. :)

  2. I DVR her show...Not my style, but I love watching it...Her and Tommy are so funny!!

  3. She used to host a different show on HGTV years ago (I think it was called Room Service), and I fell in love with her style. I'll definitely have to check out her new show. We don't have cable, either, so I'll be heading over to the website, too! Thanks for posting this!

  4. I love Sarah too! I have been watching her for years through her different shows. I love how she uses beautiful fabric as the focal point of her design. SUE

  5. At first I thought the picture of Sarah was you! I've never watched her but I'll have to now, love her style too and her use of blue.
    Thanks for posting it, right now my favorite is Rachel Ashwell and I finally got my chandy up...I'm loving it!


  6. I love her show when I catch her. I'd let her decorate my house any day... ;-) I'd love to find one of those flower things she has in the doorway of the one picture. I guess I could try to make one, but it would never be as cool as an old one.

  7. Love Sarah's House! Good design tips and comedy to boot. What's not to love?!

    I also like the show called Professional Grade. It's where home owners make over a space to look like professionals did it. The Pro's come in and inspect the job and give their estimate of what it cost. If they guess too high the home owners get to keep the difference.

  8. Oh yeah, big Sarah fan here! I love the way she mixed the high end and the flea market finds. And oh, to have her budget would be amazing!

  9. I like her, too! She used to host another show a while back where she decorated rooms in other people's homes. I can't think of the name of it. Those dresser vanities in the bathroom are to die for!

    I've been watching the DIY Network lately. They have some really great shows.

  10. I love Sarah's House!! My all-time favorite is the old farmhouse that she redid.

  11. I love Sarah too - I loved the show she had several years ago but I love seeing her redo entire houses now. I don't want it in my house necessarily but I love it. Unfortunately there is no show with prim style anymore!!

  12. I do love Sarah's house. So far, I have seen the split level house and the farm house. Waiting for a new season and I love Tommy!


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