Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Light Fixture Makeovers

Another beautiful day here in Nebraska! I could stand these temps all year...

My hubby was a sweetie and put up my light fixtures so I can show you my quick makeover!

I love my light fixture in our kitchen. We got it a few years ago to replace the hideous, dirty ceiling fan from the previous owners. This fixture was probably around $50-$60 at Menards. It's simple but makes a big difference in the room.

Since I'm more budget friendly these days of my life...I wanted to add a little extra to a couple BORING areas in my house a little cheaper.

I had these 2 light fixtures I found FREE at EcoStores Nebraska (local salvage center). If you missed my post on these finds, I found some great junk finds during free week at this salvage center. But as you can see, the price tag is very affordable...better than $50+!

Don't let the 80's look scare you. :)

I removed the glass in each fixture which was really easy...just some unscrewing here and there.

Cleaned them up.

Primed them with auto spray primer.

Let dry then sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Done!

I had them hanging in my tree to dry. :)

Here are the 2 ugly spots that needed attention.

Mudroom/basement area...unfinished recess lighting.

Area at the top of the basement steps.

Here they are today! Much better.

Top of Steps.

With lights off/flash on

Mudroom area

We added a ceiling medallion to cover the big hole. I got it on sale for $4.

Lights off/flash on

Not bad for free and some spray paint!

Paint does miracles. :)

Have a wonderful day!



  1. AWESOME!!! I love the magic of paint ... and you, my dear, are the master!

    What's next????

  2. Looks great! I will have to keep an eye out for a light fixture like this one that I can re-do! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. LOVE LOVE, AMAZING that's all I am saying!!!! more word.. WOW!! Take care!! ~Sarah~

  4. Great makeovers Kindra! I went to that store on Monday...didn't find anything. There was one room that was totally empty. I was told that it is not usually like that.


  5. Love the makeovers, look great!!

    Have a good one, Janie

  6. OH MY WORD!!!! This is a unbelievable transformation!! The things you can change with paint is absolutely amazing! I just LOVE both of them they are so awesome. Girl you can see a vision with anything.


  7. Awesome, Kindra! What a great idea...and I have a couple of spots that need a special I'll be scouring looking for something to makeover! I especially love the one in the 2nd picture from the bottom! Thanks for sharing!


  8. That turned out GREAT!! I love re-purposing lighting!

  9. Kindra- These are seriously genius! I love how they look! I wanted to let you know that we are highlighting them today @ 5:00! Hope you get some extra visitors!


  10. Your light fixtures look fabulous!!

  11. Absolutely love those fixtures after you did you magic on them! I just got back from Habitat ReStore and scored three light fixtures that have sooo much potential. Nice to see someone else who can see beyond those scary 70's & 80's fixtures!



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