Tuesday, November 30, 2010



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Thanks to all my friends, readers, commenters and followers!

You mean so much!

Monday, November 29, 2010

From Blonde to Brunette Basket

Happy Monday!

How was your long Thanksgiving weekend?! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves with FOOD, Family, Worship and maybe even some shopping and football squeezed in!

This weekend was also a special time for me. As some of you may or may not know...my mom and I have been making/selling crafts for the past 6 years. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided it was time to quit. :( I work the night shift on weekends which is also my craft time. Lately, I just didn't have enough energy to keep up with craft fairs anymore. My family would of been put on the back burner and I didn't want my sons to remember me being some tired and crabby crafter. LOL

So Saturday was our last craft fair. We had an excellent day of sales and we were nearly sold out at the end of the day. It was nice not to bring much back home! LOL

The time with my mom sitting endless hours in our craft booths is priceless. Thanks mom for coming along with me on this journey. I did have fun while it lasted!

My mom has already taken up her free time in the last couple years with motorcycle riding with my dad. So she will also enjoy her time off riding in the wind. If you see a motorcycle in Nebraska and Kansas zooming by, it just might be my parents. :) They like to go on long rides and hit up junk and antique stores.

I did a quick makeover to share with you today!

I bought this nice big basket at a garage sale this summer for $1. I loved the style but not the color.

I love blonde but not in baskets and furniture. LOL

I debated back and forth on to paint it a color or not. I have a lot of painted furniture so after thinking long and hard on what to do with it, I decided to leave it a dark "stained" color. (I tend to do that with a lot of my projects...a color choice is always harder than the actual project!)

It was real simple.

I took some dark umber craft paint and watered it down and just started brushing it all over the basket. The paint brush was nice so I can get the bristles into all the nooks and crannies.

Not completely satisfied with the color, I watered down some black paint and slapped that on as well. I just really played around with the water and paint until I got the color I wanted. It took about an hour to dry and it was ready to go!

And here it is today!

The paint added just the right touch, don't you think?

I started on Christmas decorating yesterday. I filled the basket with some fresh greenery from my MIL's pasture. My hubby cut down some mini-cedar trees for me.

I hit up a junk store on Saturday, on the way home from the craft fair. I scored a nice big bag of silver and blue ornaments for 75 cents.

I just love the color of them. They are a nice muted color.

I think I'm going very simple this year for Christmas. We'll see when I pull out the totes later today. LOL

Do you have your Christmas Decor done?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

For each new morning with its light,

For rest and shelter of the night,

For health and food, for love and friends,

For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This Thanksgiving I am more thankful than ever.

For my family, friends, health, Faith, stable jobs, food, shelter...

I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I am thankful for each and everyone of you.

Happy Thanksgiving from our turkeys to yours!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art Center

Another blast for the past project to share with you today!

Our family art center!

It's located in our mudroom area. I had good intentions on this being our family organization area. Where we can put school papers, lunch menu, events and art...well our mudroom is located by our garage entrance like most mudrooms. But when my oldest son goes to school he uses the front door to walk to the bus stop. So it was just a hassle having his papers at a different entrance from the one he uses on a daily basis.

So I sucked it up that this plan failed and now it is a fun art center for my boy's art! We needed a place for the never ending masterpieces anyways!

We also use this for keys and notepaper for shopping lists or sweet messages to and from my men in the house.

I made this before I started doing step by step tutorials so I will just have to explain what I did.

I started off with a big sheet of peg board from our local home improvement store. I think ours is 4x4 ft. They are pretty cheap. I then painted it barn red. I painted divider stripes using painter's tape. It was easy because all I had to do was follow the holes. I stenciled my sons' initials as well. You will see stars stenciled on top of the board. Before there were days of the week stenciled on...when I realized we weren't using this board, I then stenciled some stars over the letters. But if you want to make something like this for organization, having a section for each day of the week is very helpful!

I then added dark walnut stain to richin' it up.

After it was dry, I (hubby) screwed the pegboard directly into the wall.
I then added some lathe pieces I already had to "frame" it out. Some cute molding would be nice as well. I was just using what I got. I painted the lathe pieces black before adding them to the wall.

For the clothespins, I found some plastic ones with magnets at Office Depot. I didn't want to use them as magnets but I liked them because there was already a pre-drilled hole in the back of them. They came in "clear". So I primed and painted them black.

All I (hubby again) had to do was screw each clothespin into a hole of the pegboard.

I had some hooks on hand at home. So having the the keys by the garage entrance was a must!

I then added a fun clipboard I jazzed up with scrapbook paper.

A fun art center that the whole family enjoys!
Looks like I better take the fall stuff down. Time for Winter Wonderland Masterpieces!

Thanksgiving just around the corner! Yeah!
What are your plans?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wood Photo Display-Guest Post

Today I'm guest posting over at Chicks Dig Deals! I am sharing a tutorial on Wood Photo Displays.

Here's a Sample. You can check out the tutorial HERE.

And if you haven't noticed on my side bar...I'll be joining 11 other craft bloggers for Haul Out The Holly! From November 29-December 10 there will be a Holiday Themed Tutorial shared each day! Fun, huh? I am so honored to be a part of this fun event! Thanks so much Gwen! You can find out more information over at Gwenny Penny.

Haul out the Holly,Gwenny Penny,Christmas craft tutorials

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Wednesday! It's chilly and wet today. Some snow came our way on Friday night. My little town got 4 inches while the surrounding areas in every direction got 1-2 inches. Weird, huh? My boys were bouncing off the walls seeing the white stuff fall. It was pretty...but I'm not a winter fan. I got to drive in the stuff! LOL

Most of it has melted away and we got a few images of fall hanging on.
Our burning bush is pretty as ever!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?! As I get older and have children, this holiday has become one of my favorites. No stress about gifts and just taking the time to be Thankful and being with my family is all what it's about. Can't beat that.

Just a few turkeys lurking around our house for the season.

Here's my $1 turkey platter from a garage sale.
The crystal turkey is very "fancy" for my taste. But it was a wedding gift. Hubby and I were married 8 years ago in November so this month has an extra special meaning. The turkey would look better with some candy and peanuts, huh? Well that's all I need is a candy dish looking at me every time I pass it. I'm already dealing with Halloween candy and the Holiday meals and goodies coming up!

I got this cute turkey at a craft fair last month. I was just tempted to make him at home but decided that I might not get him done before Thanksgiving and it's nice to support fellow craft vendors. :)

He would be easy to make. So if you're crafty, this you can add to your list.

I did a little "craft" project yesterday. I decided to do a "Give Thanks Tree" for our family.

I went searching in our backyard which is surround by trees. So it was easy to find a branch.

I then cut out leaves our of cardstock in fall colors.

Every night after supper, each family member writes what they are thankful for. My young boys just love it! Even hubby mentioned that it looked nice. Soon this "tree" will be filled with colors of blessings!

Plus it makes a nice centerpiece for the dining room table.

For the base, I grabbed a cheap vase out of my stash. Then grabbed some rocks out of our landscaping outside. They help hold the branches in place.

Here's Mr. K ready to write down one of his blessings.

My heart melts when I see/hear blessings coming from my children.

After writing on our leaves we go around the table and read what we wrote. Then we attach the leaf with a mini-clothes pin.

So easy, so cute.

Any Thanksgiving traditions you do with your family? Please share!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CD shelf Makeover

Good morning! I woke up feeling good for once since Sunday! So it's going to be a great day! :)

Another makeover to share with you. This is a blast from the past one I did earlier this year.

I took my hubby's bachelor cd holder. It had great bones and made from real wood! Bonus!

I cut out the dowels with a handsaw.
Then added 3 shelves made from pine boards. Easy. Just make sure you have a level. :)

And here it is today!

I added a scrap piece of beadboard I had to the back.
Painted it all black. I left the inside black and painted the beadboard and rest red. I then sanded it all down  with 120 grit sandpaper then added dark walnut stain all over.

It makes a nice little shelf for my now 3 year old.
Plus it was free!

updated: I used Rustoleum-American Accents-Colonial Red
(it can come out pretty bright but the black base coat toned it down)

Today, I'm cleaning/doing laundry. Jealous aren't you?

Then tonight, me and a great friend are headed to a craft boutique and a Scentsy party! Can't wait!

What are you up to today?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Cabinet Makeover

Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. I work night shift on the weekends and lately my body is not agreeing with me working nights. It usually takes me a few days to get back to "normal". So bare with me. LOL

I got this great cabinet at a garage sale for FREE this summer! I couldn't believe the sign said FREE on it, so as I was about to scoop it up. Some guy was a few steps ahead of me. I was bummed. So I headed to the next garage sale a few houses down. At the corner of my eye...okay I was standing there watching, as this guy and his friend were trying to shove this cabinet in their trunk. It was no way fitting. This thing is 5 feet tall!

So I went back to the garage sale and asked the owner if they were coming back with a bigger vehicle and she said no.

Thankfully I had hubby with me and tarp straps!

She's pretty. But unfortunately she's make from plywood and laminate. :(

A little TLC was needed. We added some leftover paneling to the back for extra support. Plus it was much prettier than the original cardboard back

I also filled in holes with spakling where there were chunks taken out here and there.

It sat in my garage for months because I knew a stinky job had to be done to make this thing over!

Oil-Based Primer.

"Sticks to glossy surfaces without sanding".

Make sure when working with this that you are in a well ventilated area and wear a mask.

2 coats will do.

Picking out a color was the hardest part! I first wanted to do it white, then I decided dark.

I painted the base coat black with leftover paint I had.

The inside I painted white so the display area could be seen better.

Then I painted the top coat a dark chocolate brown. Again just some paint I had laying around.

When painting, I purposely left some black showing through. When dry, I added a dark walnut stain to the brown. Early American stain to the white. Just to give it a little "age".

After days and days of drying last week...we finally hauled it upstairs to the dining room.

It fit perfectly in an odd spot I have always had difficulty "filling in"!

The original knobs I kept because they are really cute!

Here's the inside with the paneling and aging.

It had great molding details for being a cheap laminate piece!

I did add 2 pieces of beadboard on the sides at the bottom. There were 2 "chunks" taken out at the bottom and a "molding" piece is great at hiding things like that. :)

I just love her. And all I had to pay for was the primer!

It has wonderful storage as well! The bottom is for coloring/activity books for the boys.

Soon I will be painting my living/dining room a much lighter color...but that's another day. 

One project at a time, huh?

Here's my 25 cent garage sale cornucopia. Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?

Thanks for visiting today! I'll be back soon!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Art From My Own Backyard

Happy Wednesday!

The colors are vibrant outside my door! Our fall foliage is a little late this year...we've been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL FALL but very dry.

Last year at this time, our burning bush was FULL of red leaves. As you can see there is lots of green left.

We have a pretty tree to enjoy right by our back deck. Soon it's leaves will fall...so I'm enjoying this pretty site right outside my kitchen window.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to preserve some fall from my backyard.

So I grabbed some leaves from our burning bush. I just love the splash of red it gives to our yard!

Then I sandwiched them in between some wax paper and sat a big World Book Encyclopedia on top for a couple weeks.

Yesterday, I finally took them out to do something with them!

I took a garage sale frame...

Then super glued some muslin fabric around the cardboard backing.

Then I just placed some pressed leaves in place where I wanted them.

Now I have a simple art piece from my own backyard!

Be inspired outside your door. Free decor to add to your home!

I see some pinecones calling my name. :)