Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Art From My Own Backyard

Happy Wednesday!

The colors are vibrant outside my door! Our fall foliage is a little late this year...we've been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL FALL but very dry.

Last year at this time, our burning bush was FULL of red leaves. As you can see there is lots of green left.

We have a pretty tree to enjoy right by our back deck. Soon it's leaves will I'm enjoying this pretty site right outside my kitchen window.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to preserve some fall from my backyard.

So I grabbed some leaves from our burning bush. I just love the splash of red it gives to our yard!

Then I sandwiched them in between some wax paper and sat a big World Book Encyclopedia on top for a couple weeks.

Yesterday, I finally took them out to do something with them!

I took a garage sale frame...

Then super glued some muslin fabric around the cardboard backing.

Then I just placed some pressed leaves in place where I wanted them.

Now I have a simple art piece from my own backyard!

Be inspired outside your door. Free decor to add to your home!

I see some pinecones calling my name. :)


  1. So lovely, Kindra.

    We used to press them with an iron between sheets of waxed paper ... and send them to my grandmother in England. Good memories.

    Your foliage looks as impressive as ours did this year ... but it's starting to get bare here in Maine...


  2. Very pretty! I love how you used a whole branch, rather than just the leaves.

  3. Great idea Kindra...our leaves are practically all off the trees around here!


  4. We used to iron them between sheets of Waxtex, then on pages of a scrapbook with the name of the tree they came from. We thought they were beautiful back then but I have come to really appreciate the reds and golds and browns of autumn. Your framed piece is gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful, Kindra! The colors here aren't so vibrant at all. It seems like they're still green or just falling off before they have a chance to turn! Such a simple, but beautiful idea....just the kind I love! We have a flower presser too! I bet Joy would like to do this!


  6. Thanks so much for you wonderful comments!

  7. That tree is gorgeous, Kindra! Lucky you with that view! I love the way the leaves look in the frame. Simple and beautiful. Great idea!


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