Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Wednesday! It's chilly and wet today. Some snow came our way on Friday night. My little town got 4 inches while the surrounding areas in every direction got 1-2 inches. Weird, huh? My boys were bouncing off the walls seeing the white stuff fall. It was pretty...but I'm not a winter fan. I got to drive in the stuff! LOL

Most of it has melted away and we got a few images of fall hanging on.
Our burning bush is pretty as ever!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?! As I get older and have children, this holiday has become one of my favorites. No stress about gifts and just taking the time to be Thankful and being with my family is all what it's about. Can't beat that.

Just a few turkeys lurking around our house for the season.

Here's my $1 turkey platter from a garage sale.
The crystal turkey is very "fancy" for my taste. But it was a wedding gift. Hubby and I were married 8 years ago in November so this month has an extra special meaning. The turkey would look better with some candy and peanuts, huh? Well that's all I need is a candy dish looking at me every time I pass it. I'm already dealing with Halloween candy and the Holiday meals and goodies coming up!

I got this cute turkey at a craft fair last month. I was just tempted to make him at home but decided that I might not get him done before Thanksgiving and it's nice to support fellow craft vendors. :)

He would be easy to make. So if you're crafty, this you can add to your list.

I did a little "craft" project yesterday. I decided to do a "Give Thanks Tree" for our family.

I went searching in our backyard which is surround by trees. So it was easy to find a branch.

I then cut out leaves our of cardstock in fall colors.

Every night after supper, each family member writes what they are thankful for. My young boys just love it! Even hubby mentioned that it looked nice. Soon this "tree" will be filled with colors of blessings!

Plus it makes a nice centerpiece for the dining room table.

For the base, I grabbed a cheap vase out of my stash. Then grabbed some rocks out of our landscaping outside. They help hold the branches in place.

Here's Mr. K ready to write down one of his blessings.

My heart melts when I see/hear blessings coming from my children.

After writing on our leaves we go around the table and read what we wrote. Then we attach the leaf with a mini-clothes pin.

So easy, so cute.

Any Thanksgiving traditions you do with your family? Please share!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Gotta love that dollar platter!!! Good steal!

    And your thankful tree is GREAT! What a cute idea! TFS!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. I've been looking for a turkey platter and love yours...and just for a $1.00? Lucky the glass turkey too!
    I'm sure your boy's will remember the thanksgiving tree for forever!!!


  3. LOVE the tree! And all of those sweet little turkey accents too ...

  4. THe tree is adorable! I love the platter that you found for $1.00!!

  5. LOVE that turkey platter Kindra - the colors are old and soft. And I think your thankful tree is a super idea!! It will look so pretty when it is full and have so much meaning too - I need to remember that one when Lili is older!!

  6. Nice pictures...I love the Thanksgiving tree..such a neat idea to do with your boys..
    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you on the 28th!

  7. Love the turkey platter and understand the meaning of having the crystal turkey out! The Thanksgiving tree is fabulous. You have such good ideas. May have to try that one with the grandkids. Thank you, Kindra, for all of the inspirtaion.

  8. I have a turkey plate that I made before my second daughter was born---27 years ago. I use it every Thanksgiving. I am the most thankful for, God, my family and the great life I have. I love your Thankful Tree and I showed it to my daughter who loves it too. Great Idea!!

  9. Love your thankful tree...what a wonderful idea! It would be a great thing to do with my grandkids. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  10. Thanks Susannah for your always kind comments!

  11. Great idea! Are you taking creative pills lately? You've been blogging about some great projects!!


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