Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Greetings With Shutterfly!

It's that time to think of getting your Christmas cards and/or letters out! I just love this time of year! It's so much fun to share Christmas greetings with your family and friends! And who doesn't like a nice card squooshed in between your bills and junk mail?!  

Well Shutterfly is your one stop shop! So many Christmas Cards to choose from!!

I picked out a few of my favorites.

Besides the cute girl, doesn't this card just make you smile. It's simple, modern and could be used for Christmas or New Year's!

I. Love. This.
If only my 2 little boys would cooperate with a "lying down" picture. I would hands down do this! Maybe next year?

If you are like us, we have several great photos to share! I love the multi-photo option!

 My hubby was thinking of doing a Christmas letter this year. I think this card is the winner! Don't have the stress of filling up a page of family events but just pick a few of the highlights and make it part of the card! Fun! 

Shutterfly also has some wonderful gift ideas for that special someone on your Christmas list!

Their desk calendar would be perfect for hubby's work!
My son turns 7 next week and these personalized birthday invitations would of been perfect!

Cards and gifts galore found at Shutterfly!

There's a chance for YOU to get 50 FREE Shutterfly cards for your Christmas Giving! Go HERE to find out!


  1. How cute and clever are these cards and invites...Thanks for sharing...

  2. Shutterfly is great. Only need to find the time to do it!!


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