Friday, December 17, 2010

Felt Giftcard Holder and Trunk Love

I've been busy finishing up last minute gifts for the special people in our lives. I made a few homemade items and I'll be sharing in the days to come. A few of my loved ones read my blog so I better wait to post til' after they receive them. :)

A quick and easy tutorial to share with you!
Any gift cards you are giving this Christmas?

Well how about a felt holder for it?!

I had some extra felt in the craft room. I cut a 5 1/2'' x 4 1/2" piece. I love felt. It's very forgiving if you cut crooked. Don't really notice at all. LOL

Fold it about 2/3 of the way up. It should resemble a small envelope.

Stitch the sides. I stitched it with some fun silver thread. Another option is hot glue the sides together.

I then sewed a small jingle bell for the "button". You can also use a small button as well.

Cute a small hole in the middle of the "flap" for the button.

And wa-la!

A fun gift card holder made with love.

You can also add a small gift tag and wrap it around the button or slide it under the flap.

So simple, but cute.


I had several comments about my tree in the trunk. :)

Don't hate me...but I scored this trunk for FREE at a garage sale. I about had to arm wrestle a guy for it. LOL The gal having this sale was giving away some good stuff! And I guess this trunk was junk to her. A treasure to me!

I didn't even have to paint it! It's a wonderful gray/blue color. And has pretty handles on the sides.

I was thinking something "different" to use as a base for my tree this year. I looked through my basement of extra "stuff" lying around and saw the trunk waiting for me.

I was hoping it would fit the big metal base of my tree and it fit like a glove!
I layed some scrap piece of muslin inside to hide the base.

The day I put the tree and trunk together, I was so excited how it looked! When hubby came home from work, I asked him how it looked. He said "it looks like a tree growing out of a trunk". He obviously didn't have the same enthusiasm as I had. LOL But I'm glad a lot of you like the idea.

Any of you have an old trunk lying around? Next year, maybe you can think "outside the box" how you display your tree. :)


  1. Love the gift card holder Kindra! Even I might be able to tackle that project! Me and sewing don't go in the same sentence, but the hot glue sounds good! And your "tree trunk" looks fantastic! :) Can't wait to see your handmade gifts. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Sarah~

  2. Love the gift card holder! I am thinking that I will have to do that! Thank you!!

    I love the trunk!!! Men!!?? ;)

  3. Hi Kindra, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I cannot believe that someone was giving that trunk away for free! What a creative way to display your Christmas looks amazing!

  4. Cute gift card holder, Kindra! I recognize that jingle bell:) LOVE felt!

  5. Cute gift holder!

    I can't believe you got that for FREE!? Wow! She was throwing it away?? Way to fight for it girl, don't let some man win that beauty, haha! I love the color of it.


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