Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picture Frame Gifts

Another quick last minute gift idea!

I just love Hobby Lobby. I could spend hours in that store if I had the time and was without my 3 year old side kick. :)

I especially love HL sales! I scored unfinished frames for 1/2 off a while back.
Only $1.50 each!

Add some scrapbook paper and it makes a fun gift!

I first painted the sides that would be "bare" with white paint. You can use any color of your choice. I was doing multiple frames at once, so I chose a neutral color to make the process quicker.

After drying, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size. I just traced the frame image on the back side of the paper. Don't worry about getting it perfect.

I then brushed on a thin layer of modge podge onto the front of the wood frame, then placed the paper on top. Smooth out the paper with your fingers and make sure no "bubbles". I then took a heavy book and let it sit for several minutes to make sure the paper stays intact.

Take a piece of sandpaper or your sander and start sanding away the edges of the frame. That's why it don't have to be perfect when cuting out your paper.

If you like, you can add a little antique glaze to the edges/sides.
*Make sure you don't use too much because the paper will soak it up!*

For the photo insert, you can print out a Christmas Greeting from your computer.

Or a fun message, like below.
This was for my co-worker. :)

Add a bow and you have a simple, budget friendly, cute gift!!
I need to make one for myself. :)


  1. LOVE this!! What a great idea Kindra!! Just brilliant! I did spend forever wandering around Hobby Lobby last night! Wish I would have known about this project then! You are just too clever! Have a great day! ~Sarah~

  2. What a great idea! I have some old cross-stitch frames that the cross-stitch never got done, this will be a better use for them.

  3. Love the frames! I think scrapbook paper has come a long way. There are so many pretty papers these days I hate to cut 'em up.

  4. How clever! There is so much neat scrapbook paper out there, I love the paper that looks like vintage wallpaper. I need to make some of these for me, hehe! Thanks for the neat tip. I'll be watching for them to go on sale. This would be fun for my pre-teen daughter to make for her friends as gifts, or when they come to our house to stay the night... a fun little craft project. Thank you, crafty girl!

  5. Oh I will be doing this one this year! love it!


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