Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January=Cleaning & Organizing

I still need to put away my Christmas Decor. I know. Sad.

But my excuse is I enjoyed 2 little boys at my house for over a week since Christmas, plus I work on weekends...but now my 7 year is back to school. Sigh. So I guess that means back to work. My 3 year old will be happy to help mommy clean.

One of my Favorite blogs is Clean Mama. She shares excellent tips on how to clean, clean, clean! This month she is featuring daily tips to keep your house in tip, top shape. And I can use all the help I can get!

I also have a new favorite blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons.

This month she will be providing 21 days of organization!

Will you join me and others on the cleaning/organization train?
Got any other favorite blogs to share that you like on this subject? I would love to check them out.

Have a beautiful and productive day! I intend to myself.


  1. Thanks Kindra :) So happy for you to be joining in on the cleaning FUN!

  2. I have already started cleaning and organizing! It feels so good to de-clutter! Usually winter time I start feel claustrophobic so things need to go to make space! Good luck and have fun!!

  3. Thanks Kindra!! That is AWESOME that you are debt free... I cannot wait.

    I see you love clean mama. Shes awesome too. Shes on my Shaklee team. :)

    Hugs, Toni


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