Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Light Fixture

Remember the $3 basket from Goodwill I got last week?
It seemed to be everyone's favorite after reading your comments. :)
I did a mini project with it over the weekend.

I saw this Mini Pendant Light Kit at Menards on sale for $10 and knew exactly how to use my "new" basket.

This kit comes without a shade, you buy them separate.

My lovely hubby wired her up for me. It comes with a LONG cord so you can hang it low or really short like I did. This new light was going over my kitchen sink. Before I had a plain canned light.

The light kit comes in different finishes, I chose oil rubbed bronze. Are you surprised?

The white portion of the fixture would normally be hiding with a shade, but this area would be exposed on how I was going to have it displayed. So I took some of my Krylon oil rubbed bronze spray paint and sprayed it. Worked like a charm!

The opening at the bottom of the basket was perfect size for a light bulb. So I didn't have to do any adjustments to the basket. And I love my new light fixture.

It brings in so much more light into the space. Plus it adds a little whimsey. :)

You can do this too! Just find a light weight wire basket...if it's not the desired color just use a little spray paint of your favorite color. A wicker basket would even be cute.

I hope I inspired you to think the unexpected on your next thrift shop trip!

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  1. You are the Shabby Chic Macgyver! You amaze me!

  2. I'm SO in love! That was an awesome fix. I'll be sure to keep my eye open for any great baskets.

  3. I love it you creative genius you!!!

  4. cute... wonder what itd look like with a antique or aged strainer? hmmmm.... great idea... very cute

  5. Great idea, love blogging for that reason!

  6. Love your idea...I have been catching myself wandering around the house looking for something I could make a lamp shade out

  7. Does your brain ever rest? Or is it in continuous creative overdrive?? Seriously though... awesome!! I probably would have thrown some rag balls in the basket and called it good, lol. You are incredibly creative!

  8. I totally agree with the above comment..Shabby Chic Macgyver..You are awesome..It looks so nice where you hung it..Your ideas astound me and are so cheaply done with such an expensive look..Keep it up..You have a fan in me..Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for spring..Love your site..A LOT..

  9. Good evening Kindra!
    I just KNEW you were going to use that for a light! LOL! I thought it's the perfect shape and size! Love it!
    I am on the hunt for something unusual to use in my kitchen, whenever I get around to doing it all.
    I have always loved your blog, both past and present. I am new to blogging, but have enjoyed myself.
    Very cool!
    Have a good evening.

  10. I am totally going to steal this idea because we have a Menards here in Eau Claire and I have a shabby old basket. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Amazing, Kindra! You are so clever:) It's just your style. Perfect!

  12. Love it!!! You inspire me to think outside the box!!

  13. I KNEW whatever you did to that basket would be great and it is! Love it, Kindra!


  14. Well how cute is that!!! Really nice..I love it!!

    Deborah xo

  15. Wow, that is way cute! What a great idea. I'll have to come back and visit you with all of your good ideas.

  16. I really like that! Great idea.


  17. Glad to know you can purchase those kits without the shade too....cos....I may just copy your idea, it is really cool!

  18. Just getting a glimpse of your kitchen,please share the rest. I have been debating painting my cabinets black and would love to see yours!

  19. Jackie, I love my black cabinets! I'm going to be sprucing up my kitchen real soon then I'll share some pics!

  20. Amazing! It's like the basket was really made for the bulb. What a perfect fit! You're a one lucky girl for finding that piece ;) This is gonna be my next DIY lighting project. Wish me luck! :)


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