Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Project

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year! Hubby and I took our boys to our first 3D movie and McDonalds. And we were all tucked in our warm beds by 10:30 pm. We're such the party animals.

I started a project a few days ago that I'm happy to share with you today!

It might look small on screen but it was a time consuming project...that I have been puting off for years.

The ugly hallway.

The original part of our house is from the 1960's. Which means no personality what-so-ever.

This hall was dirty, grungy, chippy. A real eye sore. And there was no way to stray my guests from seeing this "mess". This passage way is walked through hundreds of times as it leads to the new addition of our house, the office, the bathroom, the toy room and living room/kitchen.

Yes 5 doorways. So when I thought of even attempting to paint this little hallway, my stomach turned with all the doors and trim screaming out my name.

Most doors were white but new "wood" doors/trim have been added to the new addition end. So that meant priming. Another bummer.

Our thermostat was replaced a couple years ago so it was always fun to see the outline of the old one.

So I sucked it up and planned an attack last month. I was going to face this monster once and for all. Like it or not.

I've been liking the board and batten look for quite sometime. I thought this hallway would be an excellent candidate.

So I went to my local home improvement store and went trim shopping.
I have to be honest, the trim department is intimidating. So many styles and finishes. Very overwhelming but I got the job done and found the pieces I wanted to use.

I bought 1x4 pine boards for the base molding. The hallway still had the original 60's trim and I wanted to kick that to the curb. So if you plan on doing this project, the pine molding is optional.
Then I bought 1 inch wide lattice and 3 1/4 inch wide casing. These pieces are already primed to paint. Bonus!

I bought my molding at Menards which tends to be cheaper than the other BIG name home improvement stores.
Lattice 40 cents/foot
Casing 90 cents/foot
1x4 Pine 40 cents/foot

Before I started adding the molding to the wall, I painted like a mad woman. I painted all the trim and 4 doors. And I could of stopped there because that made such a HUGE difference. Goodbye grunge!

But I didn't. :)
This was the time I added my trim. Note: if you don't want to cut yourself, have the home improvement store do it for FREE.

I first added my base molding. Then one by one I added the lattice. I cut these 4 1/2 feet long.

I don't like to measure and I try to do something the easy way out. So for my "template", I used a ruler and that marked my spot to place the piece of lattice vertically. I did this all the way around the hallway. I had a level just in case but the ruler worked out great!

I used a nail gun to attach my pieces to the wall. You could also use an adhesive like liquid nails if you like.

I then cut my casing trim to length and set it right on top of the lattice molding. This should automatically be level since all your latice pieces are cut the same length.

I then painted the "new trim" and the bottom half of the wall the same color as the doors and existing trim. The color I used was Behr Paint: Swiss Coffee (but I color matched it for Pittsburgh paints)

And for an extra bonus, make sure you have a super cute helper. :)

And here it is today!
I forgot to mention that I painted the top half Behr: Sandstone Cove

And really I psyched myself out. Because really this project wasn't that bad. I wish I would of done this a lot sooner! The trim was the easiest part! My 7 year old and I did it together. :)

Now the hallway flows better to our "new" bathroom.
I can't believe how much a little molding can change the whole look of a room. (including our bathroom)

A look to the living room. Another project waiting for me. LOL For now I'll enjoy this space.

See some missing door knobs and door bell cover. Those are also getting makeovers this week. I'll be sharing those soon.



  1. Wow Kindra!
    I absolutely love this makeover.
    I am going to show my husband and let him know that this is on my "To Do" list...and ask if he would like to help!! LOL
    Happy New Year!

  2. It looks great! I've been thinking of doing the same. Thanks for posting what molding you used. Are your walls textured?

  3. You are a very ambitious woman!

  4. And the results are wonderful!!

  5. Traci-No my walls aren't textured. No they aren't. If you have textured walls then I would add some paintable caulk to the edges of the trim pieces to fill in the "gaps". Hope that makes sense.

  6. I showed your post to my husband and asked him what room we could this in at our house. Lovin' your blog!!

  7. Your hallway looks really good. Funnily enough that is exactly what I have planned for our hallway this Spring. Six doors/doorways, a loft hatch and shabby walls to contend with, but I know it will look good in the end. You've proved that for me!

  8. I love board and batten! We out it in our bedroom about 5 years ago and and I still love look! :) You did an awesome job! The colors you chose are so fresh and clean! Enjoy!!

  9. Wow, that looks awesome! So crisp and clean looking. I love the colours you chose, too. Way to go for gettin' 'er done. :)

  10. Wow Kindra, that is beautiful! I love it! Great job you and your son did on that!


  11. Kindra I've said it before but I'm saying it again you AMAZE me!!!! Girl you can do anything. This is a gorgeous makeover!! What a difference some molding and paint will do. I love the colors you picked out. Hope you have a GREAT week.


  12. That sure looks nice and also your little helper. Mom

  13. It looks WONDERFUL, Kindra!! I loved the fact that you needed a helper! I can tell it wouldn't have been the same without him! Give him a hug!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished look Kindra!! Do you hire out your cute helper?? I have MCD's near me too and if he does a god job painting he can order anything he wants!! :-)

  15. Kindra it is AWESOME..What a difference..It looks so beautiful and uniform..I showed my husband and am thinking of doing this in my home..Love your blog..

  16. Girl... I love it!! It looks awesome! And what a cute little helper! And of course I love that gorgeous bathroom of yours that it leads to!! Beautiful job Kindra!!


  17. Re my white accessories... YOU are my inspiration!! YOU do white right! (in my humble opinion!!) <3

  18. Great job! I am in awe of you, I could never have pulled something like that off!

  19.'s awesome!! I love it!!
    My hubby and I were just talking yesterday about doing some kind of wood trim in our living room/dining room...they are open to each other. I think that this would look great in there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. What a huge difference! Great job! I am about to tackle some board and batten myself, so I love looking at completed projects. Will you share this on my linky party Friday?

  21. WOW!!! I love the outcome! You did a wonderful job...if only I could be so handy when it comes to cutting like you.

    Can't wait to see the other makeovers ;)

  22. Lovin it!!! It is amazing how some trim can really change the whole look and feel of a space!! Great job to you and your cute little helper!! Very creative!!! :0) Looking forward to your handle makeovers!!

  23. My Christmas decorations are still up too Kindra, my excuse is that we were gone from the 27th to the 2nd for my stepdaughters wedding on Jan.1st:)
    I love your hallway, what a difference paint makes and the trim is so neat, really a great job!

  24. kindra, that was a fab addition to a hallway! =)

  25. Beautiful, Kindra! Love what a difference paint and trim can make! Love your helper too! :)


  26. This looks amazing, Kindra! What a difference. I've been thinking about where I could do some board and batten, but I haven't decided. Thanks for sharing the trim pieces you used. I'll be saving this for future reference.

  27. Kindra--
    You have so inspired me. I have been lying in bed for the past 5-6 days. I have gone down our hall to the bathroom and then back to bed far too many times, and our hall has bothered me forever, but not more than this week. We have 4 doors and a wall of drawers and cupboards. I have thought of the same dilemma's you had, but you made it look so easy, and I love your results. Once I am 100% better, I am hitting the hallway. Thanks for sharing what you did. I love it. Julie

  28. BEAUTIFUL!!! What a transformation. I loved the peak into your bathroom. It looks nice too! Thanks for linking up!

  29. That is a HUGE tranformation! My husband is a painter and tries to get people to paint their stained trim all the time. Some of them are so stubborn and set in their ways. He'll have to start showing pictures of your hallway to show what they can have....

  30. This is FANTASTIC!!! What a transformation :) You guys did a great job. Thanks for the comment over at my blog! Happy New Year!!!

  31. I know what you mean about the molding department can be intimidating! I had no clue there were so many sizes and shapes, you can get lost in there for hours just looking around.

    I LOVE the new look! There is just enough contrast in the colors for them to stand out without overbearing each other. I also like how high up the wall you went with it. Looks awesome K!!

  32. You did a great job. I linked over from Remodelaholic. I am planning on trying this project in the next few weeks. I got a nail gun for Christmas (only my fellow bloggers can understand) so I'm excited to try it. Great make me think I can really do this one. Thanks. I'd love if you get a chance to stop by my blog at Thanks.


  33. I love how fresh and clean everything looks. A new coat of paint really does help get the "grunge" out!

  34. Kindra, the trim looks great! It adds so much character. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

  35. wow, I love it. We are doing ours similar as I type. (Waiting for hubby to bring in some more boards...) We had to take each measurement because our hall floor must not be level, so its taking a while. Im painting tomorrow!

  36. Oh my,this is so beautiful. It looks so fresh!


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