Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Mine Bonanza: Day 4-Pom Pom Flowers

Hello Lovies!

My name is Michelle (Emerald Cove) and I just wanted to take a second to thank Kindra for hosting this wonderful Be Mine Bonanza and inviting me to participate!

I fell in love with this little craft the moment that I saw it in Country Living!

I love flowers, and since it is winter here and cold, I thought what a way to brighten up the house and have flowers that last!

Here is the inspiration picture from Country Living

These adorable little yarn flowers were pretty simple to make,
after I mastered the pom pom device.

The ones that I purchased came in two different sizes and you can get these anywhere such a Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns.

You probably only need the bigger one because you can trim the bigger size to make a smaller size if you want.

You start with the device (I don't know that technical term for it, I thought device was better than thingy which is what I call it) like this..

then wind the yarn around the two sides.
Tip: the thicker or more yarn you wind around that thicker the little pom pom will be.

you will then cut down the middle so the yarn looks like the above photo.

Tie a piece of yarn or string (I used yarn because it blends with the ball) around the center opening there, tie it tight.

Open up the arms and pull apart the device and there you have your little pom pom!

Next you want to gather some sticks from outside and some small vases.
I had these glass ones in my living room and after they were inspected,
I got the ok to use them! :)

You then just place your little pom pom onto the stick.
I had my glue ready to use but decided against it because the stick just slid into the middle, but you can use glue to make sure that they stay.

And there you have it!
A little pom pom flower!!

I arranged them in the glass vases and decorated the vases with some lace ribbon and a little metal "passion" sign.

You can add love labels on the vases as well.

Maybe a little
Love Potion #9!!

Simple, easy and only about $10.00 or so depending on if you have yarn and/or the pom pom device.

And, you can do these for the spring time too with pretty spring colors to brighten up your home! :)

Thank you again Kindra, I had fun doing these and being a part of the Be Mine Bonanza!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I love the look of the pom pom flowers in the empty bottles. Don't you?! Vintage bottles can be found for cheap at thrift stores and garage sales. So be on the lookout the next time you are thrifting.
Michelle is bursting with projects for your home. I'm especially in love with her kitchen wall and bedroom. So inspiring! Michelle, thank you for sharing your pom pom flower tutorial with us!


  1. Cute idea! And I am definitely ready for some flowers... :) Thanks for doing the Be Mine Bonanza. I am really enjoying the variety of ideas being shared. Breaks up the wintry-ness of outside right now! Have a great day!

  2. I love these! A great project for such a cold day...but I think I'll wait to collect some sticks when it gets a little warmer out!

  3. You rock! I bought the little pom pom makers for my daughter four years ago. She made a ton of them...but it's been awhile now since we've used it. I saw this too, and couldn't remember how to use the device. Thank you for giving me something to do on this blizzard day here in Chicago area!

  4. Really really cute!! Great job Michelle!

  5. Cute, Thanks for sharing.

  6. How fun! Thank you for sharing these Michelle, I've not seen them before. I'm definitely adding these to my growing "to do" list!

  7. What a fun idea! I love the color combination and that you used real sticks, Michelle. So simple yet really stunning. Nice!

  8. Very cute and fun Michelle! That pom pom device looked scary!! :)

  9. I love em!!! They are sooo cute in those bottles. Thanks for sharing! I saw that pom-pom maker and almost bought it the other day and now I'm really wishing I had!! Thanks for the intro to this fabulous blog too!
    Great Job!

  10. OOOOo... I've seen that picture and I remember drooling over those flowers and the bottles. Don't they scream cute?! I love your pom-pom flowers! They are darling! I've never seen a device like that. I'd love to try these. Thanks for the tute and idea!

    Keep warm today! xo

  11. Another wonderful tutorial! These are so cute Michelle! They look great in those clear glass bottles. FUN and such a cheerful punch of color! Love your little kitty assistant! ~Sarah~

  12. Looks like a trip to JoAnn' these but I won't be able to get the sticks for a while not with a ton of snow and ice covering them:)
    Thanks Michele for sharing and I'm going to pop over to your blog!

  13. Michelle, so funny, I went to buy pom pom maker after I saw that and they only had heart shaped, they came out a little weird so I haven't used them yet, yours look great!!!!

  14. What a cute idea! I love how they look in the vases and how perfectly Valentine-y they are. Great job Michelle!

  15. I love these creations Michelle...
    so sweet and they bring spring a little closer to us! Love how they look in the glass bottles, and glad they were "approved" by your little darlin"
    A lovely "Be Mine" creation!!
    Thank you Kindra for featuring all these beautiful ladies and their gorgeous crafts..
    a great treat for all of us gals in this month of February xo

    Deborah xoxo

  16. Adore these....I have been looking for a pompom maker around here and have not found one...there are so many wonderful ideas floating around out there using pompoms!

    Thanks for the joy today. xoxoxo

  17. Oh, these are so cute! I love how you attached the sticks to them and put them inside the glass bottles, too. They look so lovely! :) You did a great job on these, Michelle!

  18. These are soooo dang cute and thrifty too!!!


  19. Awesome Michelle! I saw those flowers in the CL mag too! You did good.


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