Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mirror Magic

I heart old doors. I have a nice stash in our shed that my husband would love for me to clear out, I'm sure. :)

I bought this door a couple years ago at EcoStores Nebraska-my local salvage center. And if I remember right, I got it for $5. I know I didn't spend any more than that.

It's an interesting door. It's very narrow and has a window. Don't know where it would of been used.

But it's definitely USED! LOL
Peeling paint, dirt, grime...
Complete with dog/cat scratches at the base of the door.

My hubby cut a small section off the bottom of the door where it was beat up.
I scraped off the loose paint. Then I cleaned up the surface with bleach and water.

After it was dry, I painted the best side of the door with some paint I already had.

Here's what I used.

After it was dry, I took my electric sander and sanded down the surface and edges to give it a more distressed look.

Then I stained the surface with MinWax Dark Walnut Stain.

All you do is wipe on the stain and then wipe off with a clean rag.

Here you can see the difference where I stained and didn't stain.

I thought the stain made the door a little too dark for the look that I was going for...so I dry brushed some of my white paint over the stain to lighten it up a little more. I probably would of used MinWax Early American instead but I was just using what I had at home and Dark walnut was all I had.

After it was dry, I could of stopped there. But I had more plans for this cute little door.

I saw this mirror post from Meridian Road and just knew I had to try it out someday.

So I went on a hunt for some mirror spray paint. This stuff is kind of hard to find. But on a Hobby Lobby trip one day, I found it! With a 40% off coupon, I got this can for around $5.

This spray paint is cool! You make your glass surface into a mirror. Now it's not the same as a real mirror but it does give a neat looking glass image.

According to the directions I sprayed the BACK side of the window with 5 light, even coats. It takes an hour to "cure". I did this while the door was propped up against my work bench.

The paint gave the glass a wonderful mirror look and I loved it! But I didn't stop there. I wanted to give the "mirror" a more aged look. So while the surface was still tacky, I placed my door on some saw horses so the door was laying down.

Not knowing if this was going to work or not...I took a spray bottle and (crossing my fingers) sprayed around the edges randomly. And as you can see some of the area where I sprayed began to bubble up! It's so nice when an idea actually works. :)

I waited for all the water to dry before moving the door upright because I wouldn't want water marks running down the mirror. It took about an hour in my semi-cold garage to dry.

And here is my mirror door today!

Here you can see where I sprayed the water to give it an aged look.

Hey, that's me! See how cool this paint is?!

We added the door to our (boring) bedroom. This room will get a makeover soon. Now this just inspires me to get going on this room project!

No door knob, but that's okay. I took the plate and I dry brushed some white paint on it. After it was dry I sanded it down and added some stain. I love the look it created!

Wouldn't this mirror spray paint be cool to use on the glass of some old picture frames?! You could make a collage of mirrors on your wall. Real mirrors can be pricey sometimes, so this would be a great alternative!

Can you think of any other projects to use with this paint?

I'm happy with another successful project and hubby is happy with one less door in his shed. :)

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  1. I love how that turned out! How about using that looking glass paint with an old multi-paned window frame? I think that might look pretty cool hanging on the wall in a bedroom or bath.
    Cool project - thanks for sharing :)

  2. So neat Kindra!! I love it. :) I have an old door similar to that but it has glass at the top....I have been wondering what I can do with it! This may be it!!! Hope you are doing well. Come say hi. :)

  3. I just love how this turned out, I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing

  4. I love old doors too and I love what you did with that one. Looks great!

  5. This looks so cool! When I moved into our 1930's home, our front mirror has this look to it and I wanted to replace it, before I was into prim!! Now I love it! Great makeover!

  6. Another wonderful make over. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to get some of that Looking Glass Paint and try it. Oh, I Love old doors too. I don't have any on hand, but I will be searching for them now. Thanks for sharing!

  7. That paint is really neat! I've seen it before, but I wasn't sure if it worked well or not - now I know!

    I like that it doesn't have as much of a reflection as a real mirror! I'm going to try this on some small picture frame glass.

  8. GORGEOUS!!! KINDRA!!! AHHHHHH!!! I love it... I have never heard of this spray paint technique! How cool!! It turned out beautiful!!!


  9. That is gorgeous. I would have never thought of doing anything like that with glass but I have some old windows I may try that on.

    Thank you for the idea.

    Have a great day.


  10. LOve how you figured out how to make the edges of the pain aged like that!

    I have seen other bloggers use that on old vases or glass pieces to give them the mercury glass look so many chabby bloggers are coveting these days!!

  11. I love this! I only make it to Hobby Lobby about once a month, so I keep a running list of what to get. That paint is definitely going on the list! I wonder if Menard's would have it...

  12. Oh my gosh,good idea! I didn't know there was a spray like that. I am going to do that with my window. Your door looks awesome!

  13. OH MY GOSH Kindra that is amazing and beautiful!! Seriously, I am in love with this!!! You are so creative my friend! I still can't find any of that paint at our HL either, might have to order me some sometime soon!! A mirror like that would look so cool about the faux fireplace that I am working on!! LOVE IT!!!!

  14. As always, inspiration abounds here, Kindra! LOVE the mirror/door makeover! Can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your bedroom redo ;)

  15. Fantastic Kindra, I'm writing this down so I don't forget to look for it! Turned out great!

  16. Love it! I just heard about the ecostore and I need to take a trip over there! The door looks fabulous!

  17. P.S. Just shared your blog on our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/simplybungalow

    You have so many great ideas!

  18. I LOVE IT! I want one for my room. Now I am on the lookout for an old door.

  19. SIMPLY A-DOOR-ABLE!!!! Can't wait to give it a try!! Nice Blog too!!

  20. Absolutely brilliant with the mirror paint and water! I found you through Simply Bungalow. I'm from NE too!

  21. Kindra, I love it!! I love how you aged the edges of your mirror, and I REALLY wish I'd done that!
    VERY cool!

  22. You have so many great ideas! Your mind must be constantly in "create" mode -- do you sleep at night? :)

  23. OOOooo! I love your door! It turned out great!

  24. I have been wanting to try that paint but didn't know if it was worth the money. It looks fabulous!!!

    Stacy@ Not JUST A Housewife

  25. I just discovered your blog today. It is wonderful! Your creative ideas are inspiring. Thanks.

  26. I love this!!!
    Thanks for linking! I hope I can find a door like that someday :)

  27. Kindra,
    I think it looks great! I love old doors too.
    I'll have to look for this, we don't have Hobby Lobby here. I have used the frosted glass spray before, that was to cover the window that is near our front door. I didn't like that people could look in the house.
    Have a good week.

  28. wow! who knew such a thing existed!!! ok...now what can i make into a mirror?!! :)

  29. That is so cool, Kindra! I never even heard of that paint before! Boy that does make me start thinking what I can use it on! What a great accent your finished project makes for your bedroom!


  30. This is such a great product that I didn't even know existed! I love the water effect...smart thinking!

  31. I LOVE this! Im going to have to get some of that spray!!

  32. thats so stinkin creative i can hardly believe it! awesome job

  33. Very cool! I'm still looking for that paint. Love your projects. I'm following along. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  34. Hmm, what would happen if you used this paint on a regular surface...(not a window). Also, this might be good for a window instead of drapes (like on the lower half of a bathroom window, etc...)

  35. Wow I have never seen that mirror spray!
    I am all over that!!!
    This turned out really cute!

    I have sooo many doors too!!!
    Love them!

    Wait a second ---- you have not followers!?
    What is that about!
    I am going to be your first!!

  36. OK that's more like it!!
    When I was playing on your site it said you had no followers!
    I thought that was odd!

    Now it shows up!!!!

    And I am now your 344 follower!!!

  37. What a wonderful idea!!! I would love to try that with some old frames I've collected while thrifting. I love the aged look of the mirror finish. I hope I can find some of that paint!

  38. Found you on Remodelaholic... I love the door with the mirror paint! Great job! It would look fabulous and functional with some hooks on the panel under the window too. I absolutely love your project! I'll be on the look out now for a door like that!
    Stop by!

  39. Wow! Just lovely Kindra!!
    I love it and the place where the door knob would go is gorgeous just like that!
    I love old doors too!!
    Great job girl!!!

    Deborah xo

  40. VERY cool, it turned out great! I just love that looking glass spray paint!!


  41. i love your blog. i awarded you the stylish blogger award. please stop by and accept. and join in the fun...

  42. Wow, great results! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  43. OK, can I just say that you are a painting goddess? Cause you are. Unbelievable. You are so talented, Kindra.

  44. this is so awesome! i have been trying to figure out a way to make a mirror look vintage and i have to say thank you for being brave and trying it! it looks so great! :)

  45. Linking up from the Lettered Cottage. I'm impressed with this idea & I love the results. I'd love to try this myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Warmly, Michelle

  46. I've been wanting to try this Krylon paint for awhile now - this is just the push I needed. It looks great, thanks for the inspiration!

  47. How cool! It turned out great. I'm going to have to try the mirror antiquing soon!
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.


  48. Very cute! I like the effect of the stain over the paint. Paired with another interesting door this could be part of a funky headboard for your bedroom makeover.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my window project with the Krylon paint.

  49. Too pretty! What a cool use for the door. And I can't believe that paint!! Too cool! I am your newest follower! Can't wait to see what else you do.


  50. this is so awesome!

    i have that glass spray paint & i love it. i'm about to start a project with it today. (nothing like your spectacular mirror) but none the less, it's so good for soooo many things.

    your mirror & door is just lovely!

  51. Well, I guess I'm not going to get much done on my to do list today. I'm going to HAVE to do this!! TODAY!! I have a door that has a glass insert that is the full length of the door. I'm thinking: that door + looking glass paint = an antique-ish, vintage-ish full length mirror for my bedroom!!! How super-fantastic!! I love the water trick, too!! Thanks so much for posting this! I found you through The Stories From A to Z! I'm your newest follower! Please come visit!!


  52. You're gutsy! Good job on following your instincts! - being that the project was looking so good, I'm not sure I would have "taken the chance"- but you did, and it looks great!

  53. jennswearhouse@hotmail.comDecember 28, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    Love your blog! Blessings to you and yours, first and foremost, and here's an idea for the paint (which, by the way,I've been trying to find, not even the local painters supply is aware of-so many thanks for supplying the maker !!) Paint/paper irregular cubes and/or boxes, or use decorative ones on hand. Choose a theme to display, such as the word Family and then select all baby photos of family members .Print off different fonts in varying sizes to use as stencils (card stock).Cut stencils using razor or pen-razor. Center stencil on cube face, tape off, and use mirror paint. After it drys, place photo corners on adjacent panel of cube, and insert photo in theme. Spell Family with 6 cubes, each cube will have a family member photo in theme, ie baby pictures. Didn't do this yet, just occurred to me after reading your post and asking for additional ideas. I like the idea of seeing yourself in the letters as well as the concept :)

  54. Kindra - I just read Michelle's blog (emerald cove) and she mentioned your looking glass tutorial. I just had to stop by and check it out. It is SOOOO cool! I have an old vintage frame that was going to be so expensive to get a mirror installed in it. NOW I'm just going to get a smooth piece of wood and use the Looking Glass Paint on it! Thank you sooo much for this great idea! :)

    xoxo laurie

  55. Oh wow!!! never knew about the glass/mirror spray. will go hunting for some!!! will definitely try it out! thanks for sharing such a brilliant idea!!! :) Rani @ http://lamaisonjolie.blogspot.com.au/

  56. Very cool! I'm going to have to try that paint :)
    {my simple messterpiece}

  57. I love how this turned out!
    Your newest follower, Francine
    Ethereal PLUS what I Love


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