Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painting Away

Wow! Thanks to all who joined the Terrific Under Ten Linky party! There are some really cool projects and it will be hard to narrow down my favorites for Feature Friday. There is still one more day to link up! The more, the merrier!

I started painting my kitchen this week. Lots of priming. :(

All the trim, backsplash and walls. I love to decorate but don't like to paint walls (expecially trim). Don't know why...I think it's all the prep work. If someone can come clean my walls, tape off, fill in holes, get my painting supplies ready-then I wouldn't mind this job. :)

And of course clean up after me.

Hopefully I'll have some after photos to share with you soon!

As you know, I'm "lightening" up my home-room by room. But there is one thing that I won't touch...and that is my black kitchen cabinets. A couple years back I refinished my cabinets from 1960's blonde wood to black distressed. It was a lot of work and mess. And even though white cabinets would look pretty cool...I'm sticking with my black ones for a little while longer. :)

So I went searching out for some black cabinet kitchen inspiration at Country Living.

And I found some real cool ones.

This picture itself wants me want to paint all my furniture black. So pretty.

Oh how I wish for an open kitchen/dining area like this!

Love the ceiling.

What color are your kitchen cabinets? Ever thought of painting them black?

Have a great day! Hope you are getting some nice spring like weather like Nebraska is!


  1. Oh I am painting my entire house too! All that stained trim is driving me nuts! I will be painting my kitchen cabinets this summer-they are that 'golden oak' that looks orange. Everything will be white except the island which I am doing black. I can't wait! Hey, if you find someone to do all the prep work and clean up let me know. I don't mind the painting it's the before and after I don't like to do either. lol Chris

  2. I recently painted my kitchen cabinet white and have yellow walls... I dont think black would look good in my kitchen but it does look great in other kitchens!

  3. Good morning Kindra!! Good for you on the prep and paint job!!
    I also do not like the prepping, but the actual painting isnt so bad when you look at the goal and the prize before you, so to speak!
    I cant wait to see your beautiful finished reveal!
    I am a lover of black furniture, and cabinets too!
    My dining room furniture is all black and my kitchen has black in the countertop and just some black accents here and there.
    I also have a black bedroom set which I love.
    I think black cabinets are striking! I actually thought of having two-toned cupboards before we re-did our kitchen. Black on the top, white on the bottom or vise versa. But we decided to go with wood/shaker style cupboards and I love them..never tire of them either.
    Well your photos are the first black armoire so much!
    Have a great week nice to chat..

    Deborah xoxo

  4. Hello Kindra-
    I can't wait to see your kitchen once you are finished. I hate all that prep work too! LOL. I painted my kitchen cupboards last summer...they were that golden oak color and now they are now antique white, with black hardware.
    I wanted to do black...but my kitchen is small and there's not much lighting. I didn't want it to look too dark. But I still long for the month I painted the cupboards in my master bathroom...BLACK...Oh, I Love them!
    Slowly I am going through my house and painting rooms and doing make overs. Isn't it something what a little paint can do?? Take Care...Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am in the process as well of painting my kitchen cabinets black, what a job is right, I am thinking of painting top distressed white and bottom distressed black, not sure yet, taking two cupboard doors and having dh take centers out and replacing with glass to open it up some. Taking my time at doing them, alot of work. Can't wait to see your results.
    My son is stationed in Nebraska Offut AFB he has been there 6 years, hoping to come closer to home this year.
    Have fun
    Rhonda in Ohio

  6. Wow, Good luck. I have been debating painting mine forever I just don't think I have the energy. I love white cabinets,but with my kids they would get destroyed. Can you post a before picture?

  7. I love black cabinets and I can't wait to see your reveal! I don't mind painting but you are right about the prep work. I just skip the taping now, I am lazy and pray that I don't spill! :) Have fun and I can't wait to see!!! :)

  8. Yep, that prepping really gets you! I can't wait to see the final result Kindra, I'll be doing mine come spring and have been thinking doing the top cupboards white and bottoms black...I've always loved the black so I've been keeping some even though I'm lightening up the rooms:)


  9. When I see the black I really like it.........but sometimes I'm afraid of color!
    I have an all white kitchen right now.

    I can't wait to see what you do!

  10. Are you going to be done by Friday so I can see your new light kitchen?

  11. I started painting my kitchen cabinets a while back and stopped. I thought I wanted them all white, but then wondered if I wanted the bottom cabinets a different color. I thought about red, but it's a no. might be a good choice. I have lots of furniture pieces that are distressed black in our living room/dining room area and it is all open to the kitchen. Thanks for sharing these has given me food for thought!!
    We are having wonderful Spring like weather here too.

  12. I love black cabinets. But painting is not my favorite. Good luck with your projects. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  13. I still havent got my cabinets painted black LOL! Someday I will get there!

  14. Good luck with the painting, Kindra. I hear you on the prep work... hate it! My cabinets are kind of a medium stained wood. I would love painted cabinets, and if most of my furniture wasn't black, I'd go with black cabinets. I like the Martha Stewart color "Ocean Floor".

  15. I have black kitchen cabinets - they were white and I painted them black. And I love them! While I dream of open, airy kitchens with white subway tile, I still love my black cabinets :)


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