Monday, February 21, 2011

Simply Bungalow-My New Favorite Shop!

Happy Monday!

We are back to normal February temps today. Sigh...But the warm weather was wonderful while it lasted. I can't wait til' spring. I sure got the fever!

This weekend I got a little alone mommy time, while my hubby watched the boys. I had errands to run, so it was just nice to run around town kidless for a few hours. Which can be fun but dangerous leaving me FREE FOR ALL at all those little shops that I don't get to stop at while having a little boy or 2 by my side. :)

One of my stops was a fun shop in Lincoln called Simply Bungalow. For you Nebraska readers, the address is 1353 South 33rd St. (33rd & B St.). I have been following their blog and facebook page for quite I was so happy to finally see this shop in person!

What can I say?! This shop is a wonderful vintage shop in an old bungalow house full of cottage, farmhouse and eclectic decor. I was extremely impressed with their prices!

I also got to meet Heidi and her mom-the shop keepers. They are both so nice and it was so great to talk to them in "person" than just over my computer screen. :) Meeting other fellow bloggers is just the best!

So do you want to see what I purchased? Sure you do! :)

My first purchase was actually through Simply Bungalow's Etsy Shop.
I was browsing through their items when this cute Americana Ironstone plate caught my eye. I thought it would look cute out for Summer if not all year long.

Then I took a look closer. Then about fell off my chair when I saw it said Deshler, Nebr.!

Deshler Nebraska is my hometown. :) I was raised there and my parents, grandma and brother's family still live there. It's my home away from home. And it's a small town of less than 900 people, so old Deshler paraphernalia is hard to come by.

Fun, huh? 

I googled A.B. Ude and it looks like he had a general store. (First name was Adolph) Must of handed these out to customers as gifts.

Also my mom remembers her old neighbors when she was little were Mr. And Mrs. Ude. So Mr. Ude might be the same one on my plate. Such a small, small world.

So with my little online purchase, that was my excuse to get out of the house the other day and pick up my plate...and do a little shopping.

I also got a cute little saucer plate for $2.50. I have a thing for plates, especially saucers.

I also got a cute piece of archtectural molding ($9) that I have been eyeing off their blog for quite some time. I was excited to see they still had some left!

Isn't she pretty with her chippy paint goodness?!! I love all the detail. They sure don't make stuff like they used to!

I have another goodie that I got but I'll share at another time. The Simply Bungalow  gals gave me an idea on what to do with this I'm going to work on it this week.

So I've been thinking of this little shop all weekend...thinking about all the pretties I left behind. LOL But I'll have to save up some $ for their spring open house next month! I can't wait!

So what did you do this weekend? Anything fun or productive?

That reminds me...I'm still finishing up with the kitchen. It's all the little details now. I'll be sharing bits and pieces throughout the week.

Enjoy your day!
Reminder: Terrific Under Ten Tuesday is tomorrow! Stop on by and show off your DIY projects/finds for $10 or less! Hope to see you there!


  1. Kindra~
    Love all of your new goodies! I have been to Simply Bungalow and you are right, it is a wonderful shop! Their attention to detail and design is fabulous. The plate you got is quite the treasure, it was meant for you to have it! Can't wait to see the goodie you are revealing later..and your kitchen too! Have a wonderful chilly day! ~Sarah~

  2. Kindra
    How cute is that plate and what a surprise to see your hometown written on it!!
    Id say it was yours right from the start!
    What a fun day you had to enjoy some "you" nice to do that..brightens your day!!
    I love that moulding cute!
    I love little shops..I could stay and visit them for hours!
    Have a great week friend...xo

    Deborah xoxo

  3. I hopped on over to their blog to take a look. Love the teal pieces of moulding with the carved flower/leaf detail! Another great blog to add to the list. :)

  4. Great story about the plate. The shop sounds incredible. I just checked out their Etsy shop, and they have some great stuff. I love the molding piece you picked up. Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful finds Kindra and how amazing is that about the plate! I love when things like that happen. I had a busy week so have been catching up today. Glad you got some "me" time this weekend and I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  6. I also love the story about the plate. It really was meant to be yours. What warm feelings you'll get every time you look at it. A little connection to the past always helps put life into focus.

  7. oh and props for your husband for making it possible for you to have some "you" time.

  8. Love your finds. The plate story is fascinating. That moulding is beautifu in its detail and chippiness. I so need a holiday over there.

    Lisa x

  9. Just found your site though Heidi. Just love it. Don't you love Heidi and Pam and Simply Bungalow! I will look forward to becoming a follower of your blog. Blessings!

  10. I agree with the others...that plate was meant to be yours! Loved the story! And the moulding piece is beautiful.


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