Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sneak Peak

I'm still working on this darn kitchen. LOL

I've been painting something in there about everyday for the last week or so...and I'm still not done. I realized the ceiling also needs a fresh coat of paint so I'll do that this weekend. Oh boy, can't wait. Can you hear my excitement?!

Someday it will be fun to clear out the whole space and start new. But thanks to Dave Ramsey constantly reminding me...I have more important priorities in my life than a brand new kitchen. So I got to work with what I got. :)

I still have some accessorizing to do and then I'll reveal the finished room (painted ceiling or not). So thanks for being patient.

Just for a quick tease, I thought I would share a few sneak peaks.

Have a great day!


  1. Ooooh...looking good Kindra! Can't wait for the full reveal! You just make me want to gut our house and start fresh!! I am so loving your new look! And the fact that you do everything on a budget is so inspiring! Now get back to work so we can see full room shots! LOL!...Have a great cold, windy day...brrr! Snow??...Whaaat? Ugh.. ~Sarah~

  2. I see a board and batten treatment going on there! We did that as a backspalsh in our kitchen last year.

    I SO know what you mean about wanting to redo the kitchen, but sticking to your priorities - that's exactly what we're facing right now! We were forced to replace our faucet recently. It was beyond repair. At least I have my dream faucet - it's the nicest thing in the entire kitchen!

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Wow! I like the sneak peeks so far...but can't wait to see the big reveal...

  4. I like what I see already Kindra! Can't wait for the reveal!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. You are such a tease,,,,,, LOL~
    I can not wait for the big reveal. You are so talented!! I love your home and everything you do!
    hugs, Darla

  6. I'm liking the sneak peeks and I can't wait to see the reveal!!

  7. Can't wait Kindra!!!! Very interesting teaser shots!! I bet it's going to be gorgeous!!

    I Love Dave, too! He helps keep you grounded!! :)

  8. I can tell it is already looking great!

  9. I can't wait to see it....I am sure it is great! Everything you do always looks perfect. Come say hi....I have a sweet treat posted that I think your little boys will love! :)

  10. You're being such a tease Kindra!
    But Im with you on this exciting..can't wait to see your kitchen reveal!
    I'm sure it's a beauty...xo

    Deborah xo

  11. I'm dying to see it! The pictures look fabulous. Can't wait!

  12. Can't wait to see it, thing is for sure....with your touch, it will be wonderful and worth the wait! Dave Ramsey kind of puts a damper in our BIG plans, doesn't he? hee hee! :)


  13. Ooh you tease you!!! I can't wait to see it, the pics are very intriguing!!! I will be thinking about you painting you ceilings when I am painting mine this weekend too!! We can go for neck messages afterwards! ;)

  14. Even the glimpses are gorgeous, I can't wait to see the whole kitchen! Just found your blog, loving what I see!


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