Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creeping in the Night

I had a rough day yesterday. Nothing I want to go into but it just wasn't a very good mommy day. You know those days...

Well my hubby knew how to cheer me up when he told me our neighbors had a good stash of trash on the curb a couple houses down. It was a rental so the people moved out this month.

So we crept over there last night with our flashlight.

Nothing earth shattering to makeover but some fun finds that I just gotta show you!

A few odds and ends like: sunglasses, notebook paper, 2 Kids DVDS, CD, a couple toys, door mat and tin container.

Also this ceramic pumpkin stuffed with flowers. A horrible arrangement, I know. But there is probably $15 worth of flowers here. LOL And the pumpkin will be fun to set out in the fall. It's a little Too Orange but can easily be changed with some spray paint.

My boys' favorite. A full drum set!
Yes! In the trash ladies. There is nothing wrong with this set. There was even 3 sets of drum sticks with it AND a seat!

My youngest was sleeping but he woke up with all the excitement going on downstairs. This might be a noisy distraction in our house...the boys were already talking about it this morning.

3 new packages of batting. I am nervous with bed bugs now but none of them are open. They have $5 price tags on each of them.

And another great find is this.

We're crossing our fingers it works. We plugged it in and it seems to go but I guess we won't know until we get to sewing. I said "we" because my husband knows his way around a sewing machine more than I do. LOL

We left a lot behind at that house. And now I kick myself because there were a few baby things that would of been perfect for my cousin who is due in a few months. I didn't think about it until NOW...after the garbage truck came this morning.

Oh well.
Now where am I going to put a drum set at??


  1. Ooh who can know what a morning can bring?! :)
    So glad you found some treasures!!
    I can just see you over there with your flashlight..lo So cute!
    Looks like something for everyone!!
    Have a happy day dear friend...xo

    Deborah xoxoxo

  2. I had my first "dumpster diving" experience shortly after we opened the shop. My mom, sister and I hit the motherload. We found a Life magazine with Marilyn Monroe on it and tons of other vintage advertising. I was a wreck the whole time, I was sure we were going to have the police show up anytime...can you get arrested for steal trash?

    Your finds are amazing. My kids have that drum set and it's a little noisy so but so worth it.

  3. What a fun night you and your hubby had, the sewing machine is one great find and the stuffing too. Your boys look like they are having fun...just get ear plugs and all will be well.LOL


  4. KINDRA!!
    That is SO funny!!!!
    What a great husband!!!

  5. WOW you struck it rich!!!
    Good for you!
    Gotta love a day like this to make up for a "poopy" day that you had earlier!

  6. Unbelievable! I cannot believe someone would leave that much stuff for the trash. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." No truer words have ever been spoken.


  7. Wow... that's awesome! Crazy what people throw away but of course... you never know the circumstances as to why. Great finds!! I bet the boys are going to love the drum set... love the pics!! Wow... and a sewing machine... I may be breaking down and getting a sewing machine one of these days... especially if I keep working with fabric!! :)

  8. Oh boy a drum set, are you sure you wanted to bring that home. I can see, one on the piano and one on the drums...

  9. What fun!!! And I love how you sneak over with flashlights!!! Thats awesome!

  10. What fun for you. Your boys look like they are really liking, no make that loving, the drum set. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you about the sewing machine. How fun would that be?!

  11. I can't help but laugh thinking of you sneaking over with your flashlight:) I can't believe the sewing machine! And you may be kicking yourself for taking that drum set!

  12. Wow you made out like a catburgler in the night!

  13. Awesome junk haul! I'm amazed at what people will throw away. Your hubby sounds like a gem - he knew just how to cheer you up!


  14. Wonderful Finds, Kindra! I agree with Dan, One man's trash is another man's treasure! You are very lucky to have a wonderful husband that will do this with you. Mine will not, and thinks I'm nuts! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. those are amazing finds -- a drum set? wow! Love the image of you guys out there hunting with your flashlights!

  16. I am so sorry you had bad yesterday and you are a wonderful mommy! We all have those days and today is a new day. :) I think that that is the best that you snuck out with flashlights to dumpster dive! :) I love all your finds and I can't believe that the drum set was in there!!! Oh your kids are going to have so much fun! too bad there weren't ear plugs in there as well! Just kidding! :)
    I hope the sewing machine works, that would be so great!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  17. I'm an even bigger fan of you now..good for you to rescue all that!! I CANNOT believe what people throw out. This summer my daughter was in an apartment and she pulled out of a dumpster what she was physically able to do and when I was there I went head first to grab more. It's just wrong. Plain and simply wrong to throw in the garbage what someone could use. Wow--I'm getting off my soap box now :) (I'm also a little jealous you found such great stuff!)


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