Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Few Touches Of Spring

It will be 50+ degrees today. My 1st grader is home for a 4 day we're looking forward to some outdoor fun. My boys are itching to get outside more!

I did a little cleaning and sprucing up in our dining/living area. That area is the heart of our home so that's where I tend to do most of my "seasonal decorating". With every change of season, I also like to change furniture around so everything feels new. I try to be creative and try a different layout every time...some layouts are definitely better than others and my kids and husband are the first to mention it. LOL

The dining and living area are next to get a fresh coat of paint (including trim), so I didn't go overboard with decorating this time. It will be too much to move out the way. I would love to get that project done before it's definitely spring outside. Because there are too many outside projects on my list this year!

So come on in as I show you a few images of Spring in my home.

Spring blocks made by me.

Fabric flowers on a stick made by me.

I love this wreath I found for $2 at a garage sale last summer.

Another sign by me.

Spring in a basket. Basket was 50 cents.

I hope you don't mind me mentioning what I paid for everything. I have no idea how I remember all these prices either. LOL But it's fun to share how much you can save when decorating your home.

Coffee Table was found in my neighbor's curbside trash. Basket 50 cents, table runner 50 cents, plate 50 cents, planter was a gift.

And just keeping it real...I usually have to move a toy or 2 to get a picture of my home. See Mr. Iron Man in my planter. My 3 year old was flying him around in that yesterday. Gotta love it!

My free old trunk.
Decorating Tip: My flower stems were just a little too short for my crock so they sat a little low in it. So I crumpled up some newspaper to place in the bottom to set them up a bit.

Another sign made by me. This picture is simple but I don't know why, I really like it.

Mini bench made by my mom. Basket was $1. Crock bowl was a gift from my parents and I'm pretty sure they got it for $1 at an auction!!

There are a few touches here and there that need sprucing up still. Even a few projects in store for Spring. But don't worry, you know I'll share it here on my blog.

Thanks so much for visiting me today and everyday!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I've got a ton of the same crocks as you do, but mine are all from my husband's granny. I like seeing how you used them. I use two of them to hold all my kitchen utensils.

    I like your spring fever. It looks great.

  2. I just love the lighter colors you are using Kindra, I'm one that loves reading how much you paid for your things sometimes it's just unbelieveable what people sell things for:) Stop over and see the future in electronics and glass on my blog...they showed this at a meeting my son was at for Best Buy...when grown your boys will love it!


  3. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty SPRING touches, Kindra! :) Sure wish it was in the 50's here today :)
    Have a great day!

  4. I love it all! SPecially the signs, very impressive! I am most definitely inspired and can't wait to start creating over the next few days!

  5. Everything looks great! Great job. I too remember prices when I got them at a bargain!

  6. Very springy and fresh! Everything looks great!

  7. Love it all! I need to get more of my spring out. You've inspired me!

  8. I have always loved your work. I love love love your blocks and signs!


  9. I love all your spring touches! So simple and clean :D

  10. Everything looks wonderful Kindra! So bright and fresh! And I'll say it again...I am so impressed that you do it all on a budget! Great job! You know I love your signs, another great way to save on decorating...don't buy it, make it yourself! Isn't the weather wonderful!? No rain and no snow! Yay! Enjoy it! Take care. ~Sarah~

  11. Love all your Spring touches! Everything looks wonderful! I hope to put my Spring things out this weekend.

  12. I just love all your spring touches!
    I do love this weather too...I have a 4 day weekend too, so I am a busy beaver getting crafts made for the Geneva Spring Showcase.
    Have a great day
    Thanks for sharing~

  13. I also am one that remembers how much something was. And Sooo much of my stuff is from yard sales or thrifting all the prices are similar to what you listed ! And now many of my bigger purchases come from CL ! :-) Have fun !

  14. You've got the best luck finding great things at garage sales. I usually come home empty handed but I'm not giving up. I love all your decorating and I definitely needed to see some Spring today. We're on our third rainy day and now the weathermen are predicting 10 inches of snow by tomorrow evening. Isn't that lovely? Have fun playing outside. I'll think of you as I'm shoveling snow. : )

  15. You have such a lovely home, and you are right, it doesn't cost a lot to decorate your home. Your home is evidence of that. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Everything looks beautiful, Kindra. Have you ever done a tutorial for those fabric flowers on a stick that you made? I LOVE them! Love your coffee table, too.

  17. I love your blog..your home..your ideas..your decorating style..I can't say enough about this blog..Everytime I get on here I hope you have a post..Can't wait to see what decorating tips you have up your sleeve and no I don't mind all of the prices..It just shows you what can be done with a little money and it looks like a million bucks..

  18. Hello Kindra-
    I Love all your Spring touches, especially your signs. I think you should sell your creations. You are very talented and inspire alot of people!

  19. i love that you share what you paid! its encouraging to me that I can decorate so cute for so little :) Plus I love that when i get sick of something I never feel bad for tossing it or taking it to a GW... bc it was so cheap theres no guilt! beautiful touches to your home... and not overdone... just right :)

  20. Great pieces and I love that you share the price. I love hearing about a good bargain! I'm a new follower from the Homemaker on a Dime Swap. I knew I had to follow as soon as I saw the "Being Creative...On a Budget" I'd love for you to stop by and follow back.



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