Monday, March 28, 2011

Itchin' To Get Outside

Here I go again wishin' for spring again. LOL

It's cold outside. Sigh...

I got many outside projects planned for this year. Our yard, deck and house need a little sprucing up. So I'm eagerly waiting for the warmer weather to stay so I can tackle my to-do list.

In the meantime, here's some wonderful outdoor eye candy that I can enjoy.

On my list is to add black shutters our front windows. Love this window box. I have a perfect window to do this to. Now if I can only keep the flowers alive...I have a terrible green thumb.

Adding more seating areas pretty like this is a must also!

Finding thrifty/rusty finds to decorate the outdoors is also on my list. Love this chair.

Our deck needs repainting. I'm thinking a white or light blue/gray color for the floor.

Total dream land space for my yard but still loved this photo!

Other things on my list:
Spring clean our landscaping with cutting down bushes and ornamental grasses
Paint trim on house
Freshen up outdoor decor with paint
Power wash house
Fix up dead patches of grass
Weed prevent our landscaping
Patch and paint retaining wall
Paint front and side doors
Oh and so much more...

Who wants to come over to help? I'll provide some yummy food and drinks!

What do you have on your sprucing up the outdoor list this year?


  1. I am SO LOVING your outdoor eye candy inspiration, Kindra! Especially since we're cold and windy and waiting on spring here too. Is it ever going to get here???

    Our 'to do' list is growing too:

    • repaint north side of house/touch-ups
    • freshen paint on front doors
    • yard work/cleanup
    • build a patio out back???
    • install decorative fence (made by my dad!)
    • clean out flower beds
    • build flower box using old window frame

    Not to mention what I hope to pick away at inside. It's fun to plan.

    Thinking of you this week. ((((HUGS))))

  2. Well, if your providing the eats and drinks I'll be there...I only wish:) My back porch is a haven to store things for winter, I can't wait for the weather to break and be warm again so we can clean it off and get out the porch furniture, I did get a new porch rug for 47.00 at Lowes back in early Feb. can't wait to lay it down! Love your pictures...sigh!


  3. Kindra~ Such great photos... love the pink chair...and the window boxes... I have them myself..and it gets difficult at times to keep them going....
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. I could spend all day looking at such beautifully decorated outdoor spaces - these are wonderful inspiration! Ah, my to-do list...
    I'll just focus on outside stuff:
    Power-wash house siding and porch
    Re-stain or paint (can't decide) our wooden porch furniture (benches & rocker)
    Convince hubby front door doesn't HAVE to be white :)
    Paint front door aqua!
    Create some fun new potted plantings for the porch
    Tend the flower beds, bushes, trees and veggie garden - that alone will keep me hopping!

  5. I would love to help! Our apartment/house doens't have any kind of yard, bummer with the two boys, I am sure you understand! And I am wishing for warmer weather too! It was 84 here and then it went back to rainy yesterday!

  6. My to-do list is long too, for both outside and inside...LOL!
    I need to open the windows and air out my house for one. 2 weeks of sickness hit all 5 of us. Between the stomach virus and colds and sore throats, thought it would never end.
    My list also includes...
    cleaning up my flower beds & trimming back shrubs.
    Painting the entry door & side door on the house.
    And like you said, the list goes on.
    Oh, how I wish for spring. Last week we had a snow storm...18 inches. Not fun driving home from work in that. Take Care & Have a Nice Day!

  7. Great photos!!
    SNOW here hoooooo

  8. This is a beautiful post and very inspiring Kindra.
    Hmmm I want to add some decor to my house on the back porch, some adarondack chairs, and a bistro-type set for on my back porch, and some hanging flower baskets.
    Still searching for that extra special something to put on my newly painted thrift mailbox xo
    Have a great week dear..

    Deborah xoxo

  9. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a picture perfect porch and yard?! This year we're keeping it simple. Other than the usual tree/shrub trimming I'm hoping we can replace all the garage doors. We have two doors on the attached garage and one very big door on the pole barn out back. We bought a camper late last summer so, if gas prices allow, I'm hoping not to be home much this summer.

    April is just days away so maybe Spring will decide to come, and stay, soon.

  10. Hello my friend! I love your photos and would love to come help you! :) I know that our yard and my garden are in desperate need of TLC this year! I did our deck last year but who knows, I may change it up again. :) The sun has been out here but still so cold! I am eagerly awaiting some warmer weather too.
    Love your new profile pic, you are beautiful my dear!

  11. Thanks for sharing all the spring pretty pictures. Sounds like you will have a full plate with all you want to get done this summer. Take some down time to enjoy yourself. Have a good evening.

  12. Your list sounds like our list!! We have been fortunate to have spring emerge here... although we are fighting the pollen (very bad in east TN) but now it's cold again!!! Not too too cold but cold enough you want to stay inside and run the heater! Can't wait to see all that you do!!

  13. Love the inspiration, Kindra! Especially the porch swing. It's supposed to snow here tonight, so I'm falling out of my spring mood :(


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