Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mini Mirror Shelf Thingabober Makeover

Both my sons and I are now sick. Sorry to mention this over and over but that is my excuse for not being around blog world that much this week. Hopefully things will get back to normal in the next few days and then I'm fumigating this house. YUK!

I'm here to share my next makover for the week. I'm kind of embarrassed to show this because I bought this from Goodwill for $3 a couple years ago! It's been sitting in my basement waiting for a makeover. I'm surprised it didn't just get up and walk away. :)

I don't know what you would actually call this. It's a wall hanging with a lovely deer embroidery, a mirror and a mini shelf.

If you look up close there are cat tails and a deer engraved in the wood. Cute, huh?

The first thing I did was fill in the engravings with spackling.

After it was dry then I sanded it down to make it one nice flat surface.

Then it was time to paint! I got these fun color samples from Devine Color a few months ago and I finally got them out to try. They come in these fun resealable pouches. The package says "Paint that goes on like rich yogurt". That was no lie! The quality of this paint is supurb! I only had to paint my thingabober with one coat and it had excellent coverage!

The color I used was a blue/gray color called Devine Swell. The color names are even creative.

After the paint was dry and I then sanded down the edges with sand paper. Then I applied Old English Scratch Cover all over the thingabober and then wiped off the excess to give it an aged look. I usually use stain but learned about this product through Carmen from Primcats. I think I like stain a little better expecially with bigger projects but the Old English works great for small projects and if you want your item to dry fast.

Old English can be found in the cleaning supplies isle.

So here is my thingabober today!

I removed Mr. Deer and replaced it with some scrapbook paper I had. I even gave the paper a little sanding with my sandpaper and lightly applied some Old English to it as well.

I really like the color of it now, don't you?! It's amazing what paint can do!

Stay tuned for another makeover tomorrow!


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  1. Wow,so cute. I love the colors you chose too. I would have never thought of that. Excellent as always.

  2. That is so adorable. You have great ideas! I'm your newest follower.


  3. Oh... soooo much better Kindra. It looks awesome! Love how you transformed it!! Love the color, too!

  4. Now is "thingabober" the technical name? ;)
    It looks just wonderful! Great idea to fill in the engravings!
    Hope you all feel better soon, my little one is feeling icky's a stay in and cuddle day for us.

  5. Ha ha! Cracked me up when you said the cat tails and deer were cute, then you filled them in with spackle, lol! Turned out great!

  6. Awesome job Kindra! I Love it!

  7. I voted again! I love the color and I'll have to look into the Old English:0
    Hope you all get to feeling better, I know it's been all over the place here in Pa.


  8. Kindra, I liked the deer!! ha

    Yes Walnut, IA is the cutest town ever!! Antiques stores every corner, every building! We got the greatest stuff there! And talk about the nicest people in the world!!
    GO with your parents, you will love it!

  9. I'm lovin' that antiqued gray! Your ideas and tlc really updated a tired old piece - it looks fabuloso!

  10. Hi,Always look forward to your makeovers. Thanks for all the tips. Will have to look into that paint and the Old English. Always something to learn!!! BTW....I love the finished

  11. I love it! I love the contrast between the scrapbook paper and the paint color. Always impressed!

  12. Makes you wonder what some of these little items were originally intended for!

    Great color combo and I love the little white pitcher you paired with it!

  13. Love your "thingabober"! Hope you and your baby feel better soon!

  14. Great it!!!
    Hope you all feel better real soon!

  15. Kindra you did a awesome job on your thingabober!! You are absolutely right paint can make anything look amazing! :)


  16. Wow! Who would've thought something that started so ugly could be so CUTE! You do awesome makeovers!

  17. In my neck opf the woods we call that a THING-A-MA-BOB. Must be the regional difference huh??

    Looks so much better! Great idea to fill in the enrgaving with spackle. You never cease to amaze me Kindra.

    I hope you ALL feel better ASAP! Hugs!

  18. This looks great, Kindra. I LOVE that color. I think I'm going to be investing in some soon. I can't believe how cute this turned out!

  19. These colors are great...and I love the simple white pitcher!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)


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