Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Fever Makeovers

We had fabulous spring like temps yesterday. It got me yearning for spring even I went looking through some of my past project pics and found a couple I did last spring.

I bought this table for $1 at an auction.

I had hubby cut down the legs and the sides of the top. I wanted it to look more like a bench. I painted "taupe" over the existing paint color, then I painted it an old blue color...added stain and sealed it. It was ready to add to our front yard landscape. I love it! I love cheap finds like this!

Another spring project I did was dealing with a nagging problem we had...the permanent flower box on our front porch area. I have always fought with this dilemma since we moved in. It was half way filled with dirt. I never planted anything in it because we were told that we had to remove the dirt before every winter so the stone didn't it is in total shade and hard to find flowers for it. One summer I did put some planters in there with cute flowers. It was kind of a set up with putting retaining wall stone in the bottom to make the flowers pop out. In the winter I would put greenery and lights in it. And for spring and fall, it would not look good. :( It was kind of embarrasing when people would come over.

So with the help of my then 6 year old, we dug the rest of the dirt out and cleaned it out. What a process that was! I don't know who would want to do that every fall! And it is very deep, so you would need a lot of dirt to fill it up/clean out every year! I have better things to do with my time. Ha!

I really wanted a seating area for the front. The entryway always seemed kind of small to put a chair/ I came up with the idea to make a "bench" out of the flower box. I got 2 1x12's, cut them to length and painted, distressed, stain and sealed them. I used the old blue color again.

It's a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the front yard scenery/action for a change.

And just in case I get tired of the blue...I painted the other side of the boards, red. :) It works great for the colder seasons.

So there you have it, 2 blast from the past bench projects!
Now hurry up spring!



  1. Boy, did you luck out!!! What a fantastic table for only $1! Great job :D

  2. I love the way you solved your problem with the flowerbox. I love the look of it. Love the prim paint. Great thinking!

  3. Wow! What awesome trasformations for these 2 projects. I Love the flower/box bench idea. I remember seeing this on one of your older posts awhile back. And that table was certainly a bargain! Looks awesome out in your yard. Thanks for sharing!

  4. They both look wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us!


  5. Cute table!!

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  6. That little bench is so cute and $1!!! That is perfect!!! What a great idea for the flower box and I love it that you painted both sides with different colors! I would probably just keep painting it from one to the other! :) You are so clever! It is sunny here today again but cold and windy, but I will take the sun!! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Great projects Kindra! I love the idea of the two colors on the wood for the bench.

  8. Great Bench Projects!! What a find for only $1.00 and what a great idea to paint the wood a different color on each side of the bench on your porch!!

  9. OK, how smart are you to paint the bench boards a different color on the other side?!? What a fantastic way to disguise the flower box. It looks incredible! I love all the little touches you've added to the front of your house. It looks so welcoming. If you don't mind me asking... what is the name of the "old blue color"? I love it!

  10. Hi Kindra!
    Your bluish bench looks like something out of a magazine! I love it!
    The look and colour are gorgeous..and I love the tin pail and flowers!
    The saeting on your front porch is a fantastic idea Kindra!! Andhow creative and versatile to think of having the two colours to change it up for the seasons!!
    Your home looks absolutely inviting and so warm and cozy!
    Great job my friend..I'm in awe..:)

    With love,
    Deborah xo

  11. You did not get that table for $1!! I'm so crying right now!=) I love, love it and can't wait to find my own for my office=) Great finds & projects~

  12. What can I say.....beside you are so good?!!!! You always make everything look so great!! Hoping you are doing well....stop over and say hi!!

  13. Wow! So inspiring. I simply love both projects!

  14. These are great benches Kindra!


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