Friday, July 1, 2011

Pinterest Love

Happy July!

Can you believe July 4th is just around the corner?! This summer is flying on by!

Have you visited pinterest yet? If you haven't yet, then I'm warning you that it's another computer addiction that will add to your daily blog reading.

Pinterest is literally 1000's of ideas, photos, recipes, inspirational quotes, style...the list goes on and on. You can leisurely look around at the main categories or if you have something in mind that you're looking for then you can type it in the search box. So much easier than looking for an image on google.

Once you find images you like, you can save them onto your own "page" in categories that you have made. Each picture provides a webpage where the picture/tutorial/recipe was grabbed from. So convenient for us bloggers when use a picture and can attach the source PLUS so much easier to save future projects we would like to do.

Here are just a sample of the fun photos, projects, recipes and inspiration that I have found:

My Home
1.Courthouse Rock in Western Nebraska from Journey of Light Photography
2. Old Barn in Southeast Nebraska from Flickr 
This barn is actually just down the road from my hometown.
3. i heart nebraska necklace from Etsy-truche
4. Memorial Stadium from Huskers Gameday

1. Tin Fence Photo from Emily Avila
2. Backyard Scrabble from Sunset
3. Pretty Outdoor Living image from Belle Inspirations
4. Lovely Tablescape from Cedar Hill Ranch

1. YUM! Stars and Stripes Pie from A Lady's Findings
2. Americana Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens
3. Outdoor Americana from Country Living

As of now, you can only have a Pinterest account by invitation only. If you would like an invite let me know. All I need is your email address.

If you are on Pinterest, come on by and follow MY PAGE.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!


  1. Oh what you've put together! I have joined too and haven't used it yet! My bad!! :)
    I could see how it could be time-consuming if blogging isnt already! :)
    Happy 4th of July hnny!
    Im off to check out some of these photos!!
    Happy weekend!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. I would like to be invited. My email is:
    Thanks, Kinda.

  3. Yes, Pinterest is VERY addicting. I just started following you!

  4. Hell Kindra-
    I would love to be invited, too....
    My e-mail address is....

    Thanks!!! Have a Happy 4th of July!!

  5. I would really like an invite. Thanks!

  6. Hi Kindra,
    I would love an invite to Pinterest.
    My email is...

    Have a Happy 4th of July weekend.

  7. I'm digging Pinterest right now! Though my computer is not! It slows down when I get on! You've found some lovely stuff!

  8. I would love an invite too! Thank you!

  9. I love pinterest! I'm anastaciaknits there - I have mainly crochet & quilting stuff, some food, some general inspiration / pretty photos, etc. I recently just wrote a pinterest blog post, too, sharing some of my photos, if you'd like to go see

  10. Thanks for sharing!! I'm heading over ~Kriss~

  11. Great inspiration pics, Kindra. I love that backyard Scrabble... too cool!

  12. Hi,
    I would LOOOOVE an invite :)
    My email:


  13. Just found your blog and subscribed - what fun inspiration! I would love a Pinterest invitation! Here's my email:



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