Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Friday: Halloween Treats

Happy FALL!

My boys LOVE Halloween! They love the dressing up, trick or treating and the big bag of treats at the end of their trip!

But this year is different. For health reasons, my boys are gluten and dairy free. Then on top of it, we chose not to feed our kids with yucky preservatives, additives, chemicals and dyes. So what can they eat?! Well lots of things! It's really not that bad! The big challenge is when we leave the house, we have to make sure we bring extra snacks or a sack lunch. Social outings can be a little tricky sometimes. We always have to pre-plan!

So with Halloween around the corner, we will have to be a little creative. My boys still want to go trick or treating. Yes, we will still come home with lots and lots of candy. Torture...well I hope not. On November 1st, we plan on going to a local dentist who takes your candy and gives you money per pound! Then that dentist donates the candy to the troops! So it's really a win win situation!

Before and after trick or treating, we plan on having our own celebration with some spooky treats and fun. The boys will still get candy, just purchased by mom and dad so we know what is safe for them to eat. You will be surprised that there is candy out there that doesn't have all that junk in them...besides sugar! The downside to this healthy candy is that it's probably double the price. But we're kind of used to that by now.

So here are a few ideas that I hope to use for our celebration in a few weeks. They are all easy and still fun for the kids!

A Spooky Table Setup
The donuts would be fun. I have a gluten free recipe OR if I get lazy, there are gluten free donuts in the freezer section at my local health food store! And I just love the pumpkin balloons and napkins/plates!

 Scary Sippers
Trader Joe's has some 'healthy' juice in boxes! These would be super easy to make!

 via pinterest at parents

Pumpkin Treats
Fun to find some treasures inside!

 Scary Cat Treat Pouch
The boys could even help me make these cute kitties. Just minus the dye filled candies.

Veggie Pumpkin
This would get my kids excited to eat their veggies!

Chocolate Mummies
Yes there are dairy free chocolate bars out there...and they're super yummy. Mummies might be a theme here. :) My oldest son wants to be a mummy this year.

Fruit added to inside of an orange. Green spoons for the stem. 

Veggie Skeleton
And just because, I had to add another veggie treat. How cool is this?!

Also on the menu will be Ghost Sandwiches. Sandwiches cut out like the shape of ghosts with raisin eyes and mouth.

So even though we are limited to what we can eat, we can still have a great time! I don't want my kids to feel "left out" if I can't help it!

Now Thanksgiving and Christmas to worry about. lol

Do you have food allergies or sensitivities at your house? How do you deal with Holidays and Celebrations?

And even if you don't have a limited diet at your house, I hope this post today gives you a few ideas to think about how to celebrate Halloween with a few healthy choices and maybe a few less pieces of candy. :)


  1. My son has a tree nut allergy so we have to becareful of what he eats. At 7, he knows to ask if anything handed to him to eat has nuts. He is really good about setting items aside that he is unsure of, because he's had reactions and "doesn't want to get a shot". Some recipes that call for nuts I can substitute sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Holidays are harder because people tend to use alot of walnuts and pecans in holiday dishes. Before we go anywhere to eat we gently remind our family and friends of our son's allergy or ask what the menu is and warn our child what not to eat. And I make sure I always take a few extra side dishes and a dessert, just in case. And of course the epi pen and the benadryl are in my purse. We used to think we were the only family that had Benadryl in every vehicle and diaper bag, but now we see more and more people having the ame issues.

  2. I love the veggie skeleton! Thanks for the great ideas! :) Erin

  3. Great roundup, Kindra. I especially like those little tissue paper pumpkins full of treats. This Halloween will be tricky for you guys, but I think it will get a little easier every year as you figure out what works best for your family.

  4. Cute ideas. I love the all the veggie fun!

  5. k-

    The first GFCF Halloween is tough. I know Whole Paycheck carries two brands that are dye and junk free as well as GFCFSF: Yummy Earth and Surf's Sweets. Both are tasty!

    Love the round up. And I'd love to see your donut recipe...I haven't had a donut in almost 2 years...

  6. I love these ideas. I have been trying to do the same with my family. It is HARD! my boys love junk! how did you get started eating without preservatives, additives, chemicals and dyes?

  7. Ohhhh I hit the blog jackpot today! I am LDS, love my shaklee (my mom was a distributor 20 years ago!) love home projects and simple crafts, and kind of obsessed with what my kids eat and we have serious nut and egg allergies and don't tolerate MSG, soy, wheat and dairy. Whew! I know what DO we eat? Alot of fruit and veggies, smoothies with coconut milk, quinoa, whole grains, salads, stir frys and pasta (well...too much pasta probably...) For halloween this year we are having a some friends over for chilli and garlic bread and pumpkin cookies and then I am going to fill balloons up with "treats" (raisons, organic and natural lollipops and gummy bears, chocolate chips (my kids will do anything for a chocolate chip!) and stickers and then wrap them in white tissue paper as ghosts. They will pop the balloons to get the treats out. We will watch a movie, eat our snacks and that is that. I have heard of people donating their halloween candy to hospices. I am not sure how I feel about that...but an idea nonetheless. Anyway love your blog so far! I will be back:) Jenn


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