Monday, October 24, 2011

Makeover Monday: A Bench and Burlap Meet

Another treasure waiting in my basement for me to makeover. I won't even tell you how long this one has been sitting down there!

I got this small bench at a garage sale for just a few dollars. It had 3 layers of outdated, stinky fabric tacked to the top. Awhile back I started on it but as you can tell I got frustrated with the many tacks and let it sit for quite some time...

Here's a view of some of the 'pretty' fabric. There was literally a 100 tacks holding down the fabric! It was quite the pain!

Once I finally removed all the fabric, I took a break! LOL
Then I cleaned all the wood down with Basic H2 to give it a good cleaning.

With the door removed from the bench, I cut some batting and burlap a little bigger than the size of the door.

It's easy to change out the fabric of an outdated chair or bench...just wrap the batting and fabric around the piece of wood and staple all away around with a heavy duty stapler.

So here's what it looks like when it's all wrapped and stapled. But I wasn't too fond of the exposed wood showing.

So I got some fabric from my stash and just cut it big enough to cover the 'hole' and then I tacked in a few upholstery tacks. 

When I was all done, then I screwed the door back on to the bench.

I wanted to create a simple pattern on the burlap using painter's tape. So easy. I don't measure, just eye ball it.

Then I just painted inside the lines with black craft paint. So easy, my 7 year old did most of it!

So besides the battle of removing all those tacks and fabric, my bench was an easy and fun makeover to do in no time!

I didn't even have to paint the actual bench. I loved the wood/burlap combo, so I left it. I did cover up some of the scratches with Old English Scratch Cover.

For a little extra touch I added some upholstery tacks on the ends for a more finished look.

Here's the inside of the door. I'm sure it won't be opened too much but the red homespun fabric adds a punch of color inside and does it's job with covering up the exposed wood.

Don't you love projects that take little work but with a big impact? I love my 'new' little bench and I love Makeover Mondays for pushing my procrastinated self into finishing all these projects sitting in my basement! :)

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  1. That looks awesome! I recovered a bench with burlap a while back (the original fabric was just like that floral!) but I've always thought it needed something. I'm going to whip out the black paint tonight. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Kindra this is awesome!! The little black stripes are so simple but add so much to this bench! Love it!!

  3. So cute -- although I don't know why you got rid of the pretty floral fabric (teehee - I kid). Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love it! The stripes were the perfect touch.

  5. I love this bench! I especially love the top with the stripe!

  6. What a SWEET multi-functional too. LOVE that you added the red checked fabric to the inside!

    Deborah ♥ (visiting happily from hope you'll drop by and say hi!)

  7. The stripes takes it a step further! Great job on the makeover

  8. That is exactly the top cover problem I am dealing with - thanks for the clear instructions and pictures. Love Basic H.
    - Joy

  9. i LOVE it! the stripe is the perfect added touch!

  10. This looks GREAT!! Thanks for sharing. Love the stripe. I've been wanting to do that on a project... after seeing how easy you make it look, I just might have to give it a go!

  11. I love this! I have a piano bench that needs a little tlc..

    thanks kindra for the fun parties... i have your button on my sidebar!

  12. The painted lines on the burlap top turn this bench into a chic piece! Excellent idea and thanks for the how-to pics!

  13. great job! would have never thought to paint the stripes... they look so good! :) I just redid a 2$ stool from GW....3 layers of nasty fabric as well :) then primed it up with some prim fabric and painted the legs.... new time out stool! :) haha
    Elisha at Grown By Grace blogspot

  14. Looks great...I have a couple of upholstery projects I've been putting off. Think you've just inspired me to get them done. You make it look so easy :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  15. So cute!! Love the stripes -- perfect addition!


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