Monday, October 31, 2011

Makeover Monday: Thank Heaven For Little Boys Sign

Wow! It's the end of my 31 Days Series of Creating a Home! I sure hope you enjoyed it! It was busy but a lot of fun! I hope to do this again soon!

I get to share one more makeover with you to end the month off! It was a quick and easy one, of course. I'm happy to say that I spent $0 on all 5 makeovers this month! I just use what I got and great things got recreated and out of the way in the basement and extra bonus!

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Remember my Door Picture Frame I made this month? Well I never waste good materials, especially scrap wood. I saved the wood that was cut out to make the hole in my door.

It's old and an easy project can be made out of! I took 4 out of the 5 pieces to wood to make a sign. My cousin's baby (remember the Jungle Baby Shower) got baptized yesterday so I wanted to make a special piece for him.

I needed to keep the pieces of wood together, so used 2 pieces of scrap lathe and screwed into each piece of wood on the back to keep it secure.

I then painted the front and back with off white paint. I purposely left some of the green paint peeking through. I don't like things perfect and I Love my projects rustic!

After the paint was dry. I started stenciling my sign with black craft paint. I already had a 'Thank Heaven For Little Boys' stencil I bought a long time ago when my almost 8 year old was a baby. I made one for him and I have also made many baby gifts with this stencil. You can see the layers of paint. :) I sure got my money's worth out of that one!

After I was done stenciling that saying. I wanted to make it more personalized so I took some other alphabet stencils and stenciled the baby's name in tan to make it look like it was in the background.

As you can tell I stenciled over the 'r' in 'for'. No worries, I went back over the 'r' with black paint. I do it this way so I make the name centered with the main saying of the sign. Other tips, I don't like don't to measure so I used handy dandy painter's tape for a straight edge to keep the saying and name straight. I also took a small paint brush with black paint and filled in the gaps where the grooves are in the wood, so the letters didn't look so cut off.

After everything was dry, I sanded down the edges and then applied MinWax Early American stain to give it a more aged look. I 99% of the time do this to all my projects, add a stain or glaze.

And I have a great personalized gift for my cousin's special baby.

Colton's parents loved it! I hope they enjoy it for many years to come.

Have a safe and fun Halloween tonight! My boys have been excited for weeks for this very night. This is one of their favorite days of the year...right up there with birthdays and Christmas!

See you tomorrow for Terrific Under Ten Tuesday! I hope you can come on by and link up your projects for $10 or less!

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  1. I so love this idea...what a wonderful gift.
    Have a great week!

  2. Very, very cute Kindra! I'm sure the parents loved it, it's adorable! Neat how you painted over letters but could still read it perfectly. I also love how all your makeovers cost $0!! I love to stockpile on great finds then take my time deciding what to do with something. Sometimes it takes awhile, but don't you just love when you come up with the perfect idea for the perfect piece... wonderful! =]

  3. Happy Halloween, Kindra-
    The sign turned out awesome. I Love it!
    What a wonderful gift. I'm sure they will cherish it for years to come.
    Love that your makeovers don't cost anything!

  4. A treasure for Colton and his parents.

  5. I love this! Can you make one for me? Just kidding. I wish I could do something as nice as yours :) beautiful!

  6. What a sweet sign and idea. This is great for a new baby. I am a new follower. I am co-hosting the Terrific Thursday blog hop and would love for you to link up your blog at

  7. This is so adorable! I'm a new follower and found you from 20 Below Thursday.

  8. LOVE it!! So PERFECTLY vintage...what a great gift for a wee one's room!

    Deborah (visiting happily from you'll stop by too...)

  9. You really do a wonderful job! Lou

  10. Beautiful! I love the two colors you used for the stencils and that you personalized it with his name!

  11. I ADORE THIS, since I am a mom to "3" little boys. It got me a tad bit chocked up. GREAT JOB. winks, jen

  12. I'm a Mom of a Colton and I would love this! :) (my Colton's not so little anymore...I'm still thankful for little boys though)
    What a great gift. It's beautiful!

  13. I really like that! And so should Colton's parents. Visiting from Dittle Dattle...

  14. SOOOO cute.. what a great creative idea.... Officially following ya with smiles.. I'm marilyn and I Would LOVE for you to share this via my thanksgiving craft party pweease.. TY

  15. Love your sign! And I love that its personalized! :) Very cute. Stopping by from Keeping it Simple


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