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Shaklee Saturday: Basic H2 and a Giveaway!

**Giveaway is NOW CLOSED**

The key to a happy home is a healthy home.

Did you know that the basic household cleaners in our homes can contain sodium hydroxide, phenol, ammonia or formaldehyde?

Here's a list of common household cleaners and products that contain known carcinogens and/or neurotoxins.

Carcinogens are chemicals that shown to cause cancer.

Neurotoxins are chemicals that adversely affect the nervous system reducing emotional well being, mental alertness, coordination and other functions associated with intelligence.

Lysol disinfectant (all scents)
Renuzit Air Deodorizer
Bon Ami Foam Cleaner
Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner
Formula 409
Pine-Sol Multi-Action Spray
Pledge Household Cleaner
Simple Green
Spic & Span Cleaner
Scotts Liquid Gold
Lemon Pledge
Tilex Soap Scum Remover
Glass Plus
Ajax Cleaner
Gillette Foamy Skin Conditioning
Speed Stick Deodorant
Soft Soap
Secret Deodorant
Johnson's Baby Shampoo
S.O.S. Ammonia Glass Cleaner
Dawn Sureshot
S.O.S. Vinegar Cleaner
Joy Dishwashing Liquid
Windex Glass Cleaner
Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
Shout Aerosol & Stick
Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
Spray & Wash Stain Remover
Kleen King Aluminum & Copper Cleaner
KR2 Spot Lifter
Behold Furniture Wax
Depend-o Blue Toilet Cleaner
3M Aerosol Spot Remover
Formby's Lemon & Almond Spray
Most Home & Garden Pesticides
Right Guard Deodorant
Ponds Dry Skin Bar
Palmolive Skin Bar
Lady Speed Stick
Lever 2000
Irish Spring Deodorant
Lifebouy Soap
Jergens Liquid Soap
English Leather
Ban Roll-on
Caress Body Bar
Ultra Brite Toothpaste
Cepacol Mouthwash
Crest Tartar Control
Listerine Original & Cool Mint
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
Colgate toothpaste
Scope Mouthwash
Old English Furniture Spray
Dove Soap Bars

Yes, I have used many of these on this list. Scary!

To create a healthy home, I started using Shaklee products.

Shaklee's Get Clean Products are:

Nontoxic and safe
High performance cleaners
Biodegradable surfactants
Free of harsh fumes
Earth friendly
100% guaranteed
No animal testing
All Natural

One of my favorite Shaklee products is the Basic H2 Super Cleaning Concentrate!

Basic H2 is all you need for thousands of household jobs!

It's for
Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Countertops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, Furniture, Washing Fruits and Vegetables and Much More!

This versatile and powerful cleaner removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface, inside and out.

No Rinse, No Residue, Streak Free

It is a concentrate so you add your own water.

For windows and mirrors:
Add 1-2 drops to 16 oz. of water.

For all-purpose cleaning:
Add 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz. of water.

For degreasing:
Add 1 1/2 tsp. to 16 oz. of water. For bigger jobs, add 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water.

1 bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex!
Basic H2 Ready to Use Window cleaner = < 1 cent

1 bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 384 bottles of all-purpose cleaner!
Basic H2 Ready To Use All-Purpose Cleaner = 3 cents each

1 bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 36 bottles of Degreaser!
Basic H2 Ready to Use All Purpose Cleaner = 33 cents each

Here are some other ways to use Basic H2:


General Cleaning (1 tsp in 1 quart) of warm water for walls, woodwork, ceilings, kitchen appliances, furniture, bathroom, and fixtures. Leaves the refrigerator odor free.

Floors (1-2 Tablespoons in 1 gallon) of cool water. Leaves surfaces shiny.
Kitchen Floors- 1/2 tsp in one quart of warm water to clean without polishing.
Dusting-1/4 tsp. in 1 pint of water. Pour solution onto a sponge and squeeze almost dry or spray on a clean cloth and wipe. Leaves bright, non-magnetic surface, which will not attract dust.
Fruit and Vegetables (including potatoes) (1/4 tsp. in a sink of water) Wash, then rinse thoroughly with filtered water to remove residues of sprays and grime. To crisp lettuce, use 2 or 3 drops in a bowl of water.
Woolens, Nylons and All fine fabrics-1 tsp. in a basin of lukewarm water. For spots apply 1-2 spots directly on the spot and press in with thumb, then immerse item in solution of (1 tsp) Basic H per gallon. Allow to stand a few minutes, then rinse by squeezing water through. Dry flat.
Windows, Mirrors, All Glass-(2-4 drops in 1 pint of water) Glass will smear if more than the recommended amount is used.
Dishes- (1-2 tsp in 1 gallon) of water

Spot Remover-Apply a very small amount directly to the spot and use a soft toothbrush to rub in, then wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse. Removes lipstick, coffee, ink, grass, and grease.

Electric Coffeemaker-1/4 tsp in a pot of water. Run through cycle and rinse.

Aquariums-1 tsp in 1 quart of water for rocks, coral and the entire aquarium and rinse thoroughly.

Pots and Pans-1 Tablespoon in 1 gallon of water. Let stand to loosen stuck on particles.

Knives-Keep your knives sharp by placing a few drops of Basic H on your cutting stone and keeping it moist. Basic H won't clog the stone, and leaves it free of residue when rinsed.

Fish Odors-1 Tablespoon per quart of water

Boat Algae-1 Tablespoon per gallon of water

Wallpaper-2 Tablespoons in a pail of hot water to remove.


Hands-Place a few drops on one palm and rub thoroughly over both hands. Add a little water, continue cleaning, then rinse. Removes tobacco stains, grease, and onion and garlic odors.

Bathing-2 teaspoons in a tub of warm water. Run water full force to make suds. Leaves NO bathtub ring. For babies use only 1 teaspoon. Less alkaline than baby soap.

Gum-Use full strength to remove gum from skin, carpet, or clothes.

Painting and Dyeing-Applying full strength to hands before painting or dyeing, and allow to dry. Paint or dye will wash off easily afterward-this is called the "invisible glove."

Shoes-Two drops on a wet cloth to clean. Shine shoes with a dry cloth.

Eye Glasses-Fill a 4 ounce spray bottle with water and one drop of Basic H.


Washing-1 Tablespoon in 1 gallon of water. Easily removes insects and road grime. Wash a small area at a time. Hose off. Wipe windshield, windows and chrome after rinsing; the rest of the car dries without spots or streaks.

Battery terminals-1/2 teaspoon in 1 pint of water. Spray on, let soak for 2 minutes, then clean with a wire brush.
Windshield-Add 5-6 drops to 1 quart of water and fill windshield wiper reservoir. Add anti-freeze in the winter.

Engine-1 ounce in 1 gallon of water. Will not affect paint, gaskets, or insulating material. For best results, clean when the engine is hot (Ignition system will dry quickly)

White walls-1 tsp. in 1 quart of water

Changing tires-1/2 tsp. to 16 oz bottle. Spray bottle filled with water. Spray on rims; tires go on easier.


House plants-Wipe down leaves with a mixture of a few drops of Basic H in a 16 oz spray unit filled with water.

Outside Windows and Screens-Spray with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Basic H and 2 gallons of water.

Humidifiers-Add 3-4 drops to prevent rust, scum, and mineral deposits.

Concrete and Mortar Mix-Add 1 ounce to 1 gallon of water used. Makes mixture easier to spread.

Water Soluble Tape Residue-Add 4-6 drops to a 16 oz spray bottle filled with water.

Paint brushes-Work full strength Basic H into brushes and wash under the tap.

Skunk Odor-2 Tablespoons in 1 gallon of water.

Leather-Put 2 drops on a damp sponge, then wipe the item dry. Basic H cleans leather better than saddle soap.

Laboratories-Excellent for cleaning glass slides used under microscopes and blood stained test tubes. Use 2-4 drops of Basic H in 1 pint of water. Glass will smear if more than recommended is used.

Plumbing- Will keep pipes open and clean when used regularly. It emulsifies grease and can eliminate cleaning of grease traps.


*Basic-H2 is the most economical cleaner you can buy. One quart makes 192 gallons of cleaning solution by following directions.
*Do Not Use More Than Recommended. A little goes a long way! Save $$!
*Basic-H2 contains no acids, no alkalis, no kerosene or solvent, and has no offensive or detergent odor.
*Basic-H2 has pH factor of 6.5, right in the range of human skin.
*Basic-H2 makes water many times wetter.
*Basic-H2 is a fantastically versatile cleaner. The successor is soap!
*Basic-H2 does not hinder bacterial action of septic tanks or cesspools.
*DO NOT put fingers or foreign matter into Basic-H2 container. Large amounts of bacteria can cause degrading action and weaken your cleaner.
*In extremely stubborn areas of grease or stains, use Shaklee’s Scour Off scouring cleaner.

WOW! There are endless uses for this great product! Now you know why I love Basic H2 so much!

I am so excited to now be an Independent Shaklee Distributor! I hope to change many families lives by sharing my story and why removing toxins from our environment is so important.

Please visit my online shop at to purchase or learn more about these great products!

To celebrate I am giving away a sample of Basic H2 to 5 lucky winners! A sample makes 2 16 oz bottles of powerful cleaners!

To Enter:
You must be a follower of my blog.

Entry 1. Comment that you are a follower of my blog.

Entry 2. Go to my online shop and let me know what you think your favorite item would be.

Other ways to Enter ARE:

Entry 3. Post about this giveaway on your blog, facebook or twitter.

Entry 4. Order something from my online shop from October 7-October 15 (5 entries)

**If you don't have a blog, you can still enter! Just email me your entries!
athomewith (at) hotmail (dot) com

Giveaway ends next Saturday, October 15.

Good Luck!


  1. Basic H2 sounds incredible. Thank you for such an informative, eye opening post. I think the cinch shakes look interesting too.

  2. I think I would use Basic H2 the most. I am also interested in the shakes, after I have this wonderful blessing I'm going to be ready to be in tip top shape again!

  3. I am a follower of your Blog.

  4. I'm more interested in the Basic H2. The Laundry booster stain remover sounds good too!

  5. I posted this on my sidebar.
    Thanks for the chance and all the information!

  6. i've been following for a while :) i would LOVE to win this giveaway, as i'm 'sticking my toes' into healthier living for our household -cleaning w/ vinegar & baking soda, making our own laundry soaps, using mild, natural soaps for bathing (and washing our hair - scary whats in shampoo now!) so trying out some H2 would be awesome! I'm also gonna link to fb!

  7. It's so funny that this is your giveaway. I was recently at a friends when a Shaklee consultant had just left and gave her some samples. J asked me if I had ever tried the product and I said no. So she sent me home with a bottle of H2 and I love it. I would love to win your giveaway and try any other Shaklee products. Love your blog and I've printed out your sayings and added them to my little office wall. Thanks for such a great blog Kindra.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs Theresa

  8. Kindra - I'm a follower. I'd love to try Shaklee! I've heard good things about their products, but never actually seen them in person for myself. I think I'd be most interested in the Laundry products. My hubby has recently developed an allergy to detergents so I'd like to see how Shaklee stands up. I enjoy your blog! Nicole S

  9. I'm a follower. Though I have never heard of this product. I am very interested in it. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  10. Kindra,

    I am a follower and went and looked around at your site! Congratulations on your new venture! It is certainly an eye opener for me! I think as most people said that for starters, the H2 would be my favorite, although I have to say that the laundry detergent and the beauty products caught my eye too, especially the oil free eye makeup remover! :) I'd love to be entered in your giveaway! I wish you much success in your new business venture too, Kindra!


  11. I used to use Shaklee when my sister-in-law use to sell it. Then I ran out and she quit selling :o( I love the many uses.
    I am going to go over to your site now to see what new products Shaklee has available.
    Thank you for hosting this important, earth saving...and people saving giveaway!

  12. I have to say that the laundry detergent and the beauty products caught my eye too, especially the oil free eye makeup remover! :) I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!


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