Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shaklee Saturday: Cinch Challenge

Do you need to lose weight? Drop inches? Get Healthy? Feel Better? Boost your metabolism? Cut cellulite? Increase energy?
If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then you will be happy to hear about our new Challenge!

Join us November 1st – January 31st, 2011 in our first ever

Healthiest Loser Cinch Challenge!

What is the Challenge?

Join a group of serious people who want to lose weight during the three holiday months that usually present us with the biggest weight maintenance challenges. By starting now, we’ll not only avoid gaining extra weight, we’ll even lose weight!

What is Cinch?
The Plan involves setting personal goals and following guidelines based on how much you want to lose and your current weight and activity levels. If you have dieted before, this may sound familiar, but the familiarity stops here. Cinch works by preserving your lean body muscle mass and promoting your weight loss from fat. When you keep lean body mass, you maintain your metabolic rate or calorie-burning ability. Cinch is designed to help you break the cycle of dieting, falling off the wagon, and dieting again.

The exclusive Cinch Inch Loss Plan products are powered by leucine, an essential amino acid that helps you maintain lean muscle while you lose inches. Oh, and they taste good.

The Shaklee Difference

Cinch products are:

Based on over 50 years of nutrition science expertise
No artificial flavors or sweeteners
Healthy rate of weight and inch loss
No trans fats

Powered by Leucine, which helps retain muscle while you lose fat
Pilot study showed participants retained 100% of lean muscle mass while losing an average of: (in 12 week study)
16.3 pounds of fat
4.1 inches from their waists
2.6 inches from their hips
More than 90% of participants in a study reported having “very good” energy levels
Officially tested to have a low glycemic index for a more steady rate of digestion and better hunger control

Non-GMO soy protein
Recyclable packaging

The Value of Cinch

Cinch is the real deal. With the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, which includes a regimen of protein-packed shakes and energy-boosting teas, you will lose inches and pounds. Period.

Our medical doctors, nutritionists, and scientists have drawn on years of sports and nutrition science to develop a plan that works. In fact, those who participated in our clinical study lost an average of 16.3 pounds of fat, 4.1 inches from their waists, and 2.6 inches from their hips over a 12-week period.

Easy on Your Wallet

Why pay for calorie-rich fast food that can add more inches to your waist when you could have a tasty, wholesome, protein-rich Cinch meal replacement for a fraction of the cost?†

For steady weight loss, this plan has everything your body needs to help you increase your muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass improves metabolism, which helps you to keep those extra pounds off, long-term.

How do you join the Challenge?
1. Sign up and share your health/weight goals with your leader so she can help you choose the Shaklee Cinch products that are right for you. See sign-up form below.
2. Order your Shaklee products in October as a Shaklee Member or Distributor, so they arrive in time.
For best results, order Ultra Cinch on autoship and get your 4th month FREE!!!:
 3 Boxes of Cinch® Snack Bars
To get the 4th month free, simple make your order with everything listed above on autoship!!!
Remember: That’s for 2 meals a day, plus snacks, teas, and multivitamins!
Please note- If you become a Gold Ambassador (like me) and share the challenge with 3 others while you are on it, yours will be free. If you share it will more than 3 people, you will get paid from Shaklee…can’t beat that, right?- ask me for more details.
3. Get invited to our online Cinch Support Team by paying the $10 entry fee to your business leader, (your $10 entry fee will go into the end-of-program prizes. Prizes to be announced after group size is determined.) and attend our weekly, 30-minute support conference calls. Here you will be able to connect with others in the challenge, get daily motivation, recipes, workout tips and more! These teams of people are your place to share your successes, and challenges as you head toward your goals. You will get an email with more directions for this step.
4. Attend the Cinch Webinar with our Certified Personal Trainer and Cinch Weight Loss Expert, Bonnie Donahue and our Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Adult Health with a Specialty in weight loss, and healthy living counseling, Sarah Finks. They will show you how you will drop your inches and live healthier with Cinch. Go here to Register today!
5. Tell you friends! Blog, facebook, tweet and tell your friends about the challenge! The more people in the challenge, the greater the prizes…so start sharing!!!
6. Start Cinching!
Free Services: Bonnie Donahue, Certified Personal Trainer and Cinch Weight Loss Expert and our Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Adult Health with a Specialty in weight loss, and healthy living counseling, Sarah Finks, will support you daily and weekly with our online community and group conference calls. You will also get a free Cinch University for at home education.
Please note: Not all Shaklee Distributors are doing this challenge. You must join with a participating Distributor. :) That's Me!

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Come join me and many others on the Cinch Challenge! I have been on Cinch for 2 weeks and already lost pounds and inches! I can't wait to reach my weight goal and I'm confident that Cinch will help me succeed!


  1. I'm so doing this!!! Are you joining too?!

  2. Kindra, I am interested in the cinch products, but can not shell out 300.00 at one time, when I'm not sure I will like it. My hubby will not go for it. How can I get a smaller amount, one month?


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