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Shaklee Saturday: Putting Basic H2 & Scour Off to the Test

Thanks to all who entered my Basic H2 Giveaway!

I was planning on giving away Basic H2 samples to just 5 winners but I thought it would be better to give away to all my giveaway entries.

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I will be contacting all of you for your mailing address so you can enjoy some Basic H2! Enjoy!

It's time for Shaklee Saturday! If you haven't read last Saturday's post, I encourage you to. It's about the yucky chemicals found in our everyday household products. I know it was a real eye opener for me!

Maybe you are thinking, well that really sounds great that Shaklee is all natural and safe for my home and family...but does it work?? YES! And today I'm going to show you some before and afters using the Basic H2 and Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste.

First off is the Basic H2
aka liquid gold cleaner!

YUK! This stain has been a pain in rear in my son's bedroom! It was here when we moved in. I have no idea what it is. Ink? I have tried shampooing the carpet and several carpet cleaners on this spot and nothing has even phased it!

So I was putting Basic H2 to the real test on this bad boy!

I applied some Basic H2 directly on the spot. I only did 1/2 so you could see the difference. I let it sit a bit and used an old toothbrush to work at the stain and immediately the stain was coming up!

While I was working at the stain, I realized I grabbed the wrong bottle and was actually using the Hand Dish Wash! Oops!

I was using chemical filled carpet spot cleaners on this spot for the last 4 years and they didn't even phase it! And the Shaklee Hand Dish Wash was?!! Boy, I couldn't wait to see what Basic H2 could do to it!

So I applied some Basic H2 this time...and used the toothbrush and a damp cloth and worked at the stain. And it came up!! You can barely see the spot in this picture.

I worked at it just a little bit more to get the tint out of the carpet and it's all gone! Wow! And I do have to mention that our bedrooms have cheap carpet so it's very hard to remove just the slightest stain. I love this stuff!

Okay, so I was staining my black cabinet last weekend and ran out of latex gloves that I usually use when staining. But I needed to get this project done for my Makeover Monday! So my fingers were a mess! And I had to go to work that night!

Usually hand soap and even my husband's 'grease soap' can't take it all out. And my fingertips have a brown glow to them for a few days...I know gross. The price you pay being a DIYer. :)

So I used the Hand Dish Wash and... hands were perfectly clean! I didn't have to use a scrub brush either! So this goes to show how the Hand Dish Wash is great on grease and grime on your dishes as well! And you only need just a couple drops since it's highly concentrated.

Back to Basic H2

I asked my husband permission to share his embarrassing story... This past week he ran over his gym bag. :) Before work in the wee hours of the morning, he goes to the gym to play basketball. He's tired and doing a hundred things while getting out of the door. He put his gym bag behind the car to put in the trunk before he realized he forgot something in the house...well he totally forgot about the gym bag and ran over it with our car. Thankfully he didn't drive over the part of the bag that had his cell phone and glasses in! But the bag was an oily mess!

You can see the oil spots on top. They were all over the bag. I told hubby no problem, I'm sure Basic H2 can handle the challenge. :)

I applied the Basic H2 directly on the stains and let them sit for a few minutes. Then I took a wet rag and scrubbed at each stain. Then I rinsed the entire bag and hung to dry.

Here it is after! No more stains!

Looks great!

Okay, now off to show you a wonderful Shaklee product called

It's Natural ingredients remove the toughest dried-on splatters and spills, burned-on grease, baked-on food, and sticky messes without hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes..

Scour Off is made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents. It does not contain chlorine, bleach, or dye..

Scour Off gently removes stains other cleansers can't and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles..

It will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble..

Plus it smells like cherries.

Eeewwww....don't be grossed out! But this is the base of my crock pot. These spills are literally baked on and nothing was phasing it to remove the stains.

So I took a damp rag and some Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste and went to town on removing the gunk and yuck! Just a few minutes later, this is what it looked like! So much better!

One more before and after to share!

Oh the dreaded oven! Who likes to clean their oven? Not me! Just the thought of it makes me want to hack and gag over the oven cleaner fumes. It's a pain and I hate to do it hasn't been done in well over a year!
The door was full of baked on stains...

Lots of grime and food spill over.

Lots of yuck...

So I sprayed down the entire oven with the Basic H2 premixed Degreaser (That's 1 1/2 tsp. of Basic H2 to 16 oz of water in a spray bottle.)

Let it sit for 15 minutes. Then I wiped it all down with a damp rag. A lot of the stains and scummy grime came up!

Then I took a damp rag with the Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste and worked at the really baked in stains, mainly on the glass door. They came right up!

Now here is my clean oven today!

Looks like new!

I did this all while my 4 year old and my friend's little girl were watching me clean. No fumes or chemicals to worry about!

Now I'm excited to see what I can clean next!

Would you like to try a Shaklee product yourself or would like more information about Shaklee? Come by my website!

And don't hesitate to email me any questions about purchasing, membership or product info!


  1. Can you come over and clean my oven?:) I want to try that basic h2. I am putting that on my list..........

  2. wow! this stuff looks amazing! can't wait to get my sample!! yay!!!! i've been looking for something to bring in a little extra $ so after I try it out, i may be interested in supporting these products??!!! thanks you so much for introducing us to them!

  3. I'm so excited! Can't wait to get my sample!
    I need something like that for my oven...I've tried numerous cleaners and nothing even touches the yuck inside, Lol!
    And I've had many days that my fingers looked like that after staining. And yes, I had to go to work looking like that (Hiding my hands) because I couldn't get the stain off. Good thing I have to wear gloves alot for my job, Lol.
    I will definately be checking out some of those products. Thanks for sharing, Kindra!

  4. That stuff looks amazing!So excited I won! My email is margie_visnickatyahoodotcom

  5. LOVE the before and afters. I'm in a hurry to get through my nasty cleaning supplies and get some Shaklee, so I'm pretty pumped about the H2. Thank you!

  6. Love the before and afters! Neato! Can't wait to try it for myself. Thanks so much!! Nicole S

  7. Your oven looked like mine...mine still looks this way!!!! What great products!! My sister used to work for Shaklee's pharm. division. She only sent me Tylenol, no cleaning products!!!! Thanks for sharing all the before and after photos!

  8. Kindra, I am so excited that I won a product. I can't wait to try it out. My oven looks even worse than yours did and I will have to post before and afters too. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to go green along with you.
    Have a blessed day with your family.
    Hugs Theresa

  9. Kindra! This is awesome! I love Shaklee and I love your before and afters! :)


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