Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild About Organizing Wednesday: Paper Clutter

Mail, School Papers, My Kids' Art...every single piece of paper that enters my house makes me feel like this sometimes! A little overwhelming!

I have a simple solution that has worked for us at our home. I recently updated my system with some cute folders.

I got these folders at Target. Target has a fun isle of pretty office supplies to drool over. :)

They even came with some labels that you can hand write or print on your computer.

These folders are also made from recycled materials. Even better!

For my labels, I chose to use my label maker. I heart my label maker. It's fast and easy and Makes me look more organized than I really am!

I got my DYMO at Wal-Mart in the office supply section at a very affordable price.

I created a file for each member of my family. For my kids, this is where important papers from school or lessons go into. It's great to have the file available so I'm not searching all over the house for that signed permission slip! :)

I also made a file for Bills, "To File" and "To Do".

As soon as I walk into the house with paper, I head to my file station. Also in the area, I have a shredder and recycling box for paper close by. I immediately go through my stash and weed out the junk that can be either shredded or thrown in recycling.

The remaining mail goes to either 'Bills' Or to one of the members of the family file, which is 99% of the time me or my hubby.

If an important paper needs to be filed in our permanent file cabinet then I put it in the "To File" folder. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and can't file these papers right away...then the pile of papers gets started. So the "To File" folder has helped me out a lot!

If something needs to be read over or done at sometime, but not urgent, then I'll put it in the "To Do" File.

At the end of the week then I go through the folders and file the papers that need to go in the permanent file cabinet and weed out any unnecessary papers that I feel we don't need anymore or need to be returned for school or work.

Oh and the file basket, I had forever. I got it at a basket home party over 10 years ago. I like the little dividers up front for note paper, pens, pencils, highlighter and a calculator. Stores have such neat filing boxes that you can purchase or you can always make your own out of a box and pretty wrapping or scrapbook paper.

For example this cute fridge organizer was made from a cereal box and scrapbook paper. Why buy when you create something cute like this?!

How do you tackle the paper clutter? I would love to hear about them!


  1. great... now can you teach my husband to USE such a system? he is a paper collector! :)~ Elisha at Grown By Grace

  2. So very cute and such a great idea. I love those folders too. My hubby keeps everything all month long and then goes through it all at once, it drives me crazy!!

  3. Very cute way to organize your papers. I need to revamp my filing system. Love the folders and the cute basket too!

  4. I totally agree Kindra! I set up a similar system earlier this year and I am amazed at how the crazy amounts of paper/junk piles have disappeared. Just spending a few minutes a day or 10-15 min every other day or so can make a huge difference! Also, I have a "community" bulletin board where all important school papers are pinned. All the kids know what to put there and when we need it... it's nice to know right where to go to get it. So much less stress when we're organized, isn't it?! =]

  5. Oh, and I forgot to tell you what a cute system you have! It's even more fun to be organized with all the cool supplies that are out there now.

  6. Great idea Kindra, I had a version of that but the To File grew and grew!!! I need to get my husband to follow through with the plan.


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