Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild About Organizing Wednesday: Household Binder

I love my household binder. It keeps me and my family organized throughout the week!

Let's take a peek. I have it nicely divided with colorful page dividers and labels.

I have used spreadsheets before but for some reason, just a regular old notebook is working great at the moment for documenting our finances. I pay attention to each dollar going in and out of our pockets.

This is my schedule for everything including my household chores, kids activities, meals, goals for the week, volunteering, exercise, name it.

I try to keep on top of blog posts and goals also. If an idea comes to me then I can write it down for a future post.

This is my new section in my binder since I'm an Independent Shaklee Distributor now! I love Shaklee and the opportunities it will bring to me and my family. So keeping a daily list and goal setting for my Shaklee Business helps me keep on task.

Weekly meal planning has really helped our family save money and not waste so much food. I used to be the coupon queen and saved lots of money that way...but it was a lot of work with matching coupons and sales along with stockpiling. Plus most (or all) of the food I bought with coupons is food my family can't even eat with our gluten, dairy (casein), dye, preservative, additive free and organic diet. We just get what's on sale and make sure we don't let food go to waste.

This section is for zone cleaning. I have printouts provided by FlyLady that help me keep on track with cleaning my home.

And the last 2 sections are for my sons. This is for ideas and future activities I can do with them. Also I record my youngest son's diet and behavior as well.

And it's so much easier and fun to keep organized with cute printouts. I found my free printables thanks to the generous bloggers out there!

Do you have a Household Binder?


  1. Love your household binder. I really need to get things more organized in my house. I started putting our finances in a binder. I may have to steal your idea of having everything that needs organized in one place. Maybe it will help me keep my house clean too. I have tried FlyLady but have not kept up with it. Time to try again!

  2. Love it! You are so organized! This is so great!


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