Monday, November 7, 2011

Kid Friendly Calendar Makeover

I got this 1980's calendar at a garage sale for $1 recently. It came with number and holiday squares and month banners as well.

I thought this would be fun for my kids, especially my 4 year old who's learning about days and months.

But it needed a little updating. The first thing I did was cover up the the heart cut-out with a piece of scrap beadboard I had. I attached it with Gorilla Glue and let it sit with a couple paint cans on top until it was dry.

My husband got a basket full of spray paint at an auction this year for $1. It probably has over 25 cans in it. Plus the wire basket is cute, so if none of the spray paints were any good, then the $1 was well worth the basket.

So in that stash, there was a bright glossy red. Perfect for this project! My 4 year LOVES red! So I gave it 2 coats of the glossy red.

And here it is today!

I found some wonderful already made and painted rocket, bus, train and car for 67 cents a piece at Hobby Lobby.

To attach the pieces on, I hot glued hook and loop to the lath piece and the back of each kid friendly piece.

They can easily be changed out for a new look.

Trains are my son's favorite.

This one reminded us of Lightning McQueen.

Yes, I goofed up on the numbers for this month. I didn't realize that until after the pictures were taken. It's fixed now. :)

The calendar is a fun addition to their playroom!

I always see these wood calendars at garages sales and thrift stores. Just cover up the heart cut out and add paint and it's an easy makeover to enjoy!

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  1. That is so cute!!! What a great idea, my son is learning the days and months too. I love watching them learn and be excited about it.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. LOVE IT!
    Your creativity always amazes and inspires me :o)

  3. i'm anxiously awaiting the 'at home with k' tuesday event. lol.

  4. So adorable!
    Way to be creative, frugal and green!

  5. That is really cute!! Great deal on the paints and basket!


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