Friday, December 16, 2011

Craft Room Peak

We have one room in our house that used to be a real embarrassment! It's a partially unfinished room in our basement that I mostly used for crafts. It is also the first room that we walk into our house from the garage. So we put up this door wall to divide the room for an unofficial mudroom entrance and to block off the craft mess. :)

The half painted floor was driving me nuts as well. Whenever I came home, it felt like a big DIY project slapping me in the face every time I would come home. Not a good feeling to greet me.

 Behind the doors is my craft area. I used to do craft fairs for several years so this space was perfect to create. I no longer do craft the room was becoming a dumping ground with thrift finds and extra decor. Very embarrassing. LOL

So a few weeks ago, I said enough was enough! We cleared the room out. Now my garage is full and my husband can't park in there now... :)

But the room looks so much better and bigger with everything removed and the door wall down. Our boys had fun playing around in the big open space!

Our boys were also our big helpers for the day. They helped us clean the walls and floor for painting and floor prep.

We cleaned everything with, what else...Basic H2! Love this stuff!

This room is going to now be a kid rec room and craft room. My son got to pick the color. Vivid Turquoise! Him and his brother are so excited for their new room!

 So here it is today!

We still have many more details to finish in the room. But this is what is keeping us busy these days. The floor is almost done, just a little to finish close to the walls.

Do you have a craft or kid room? Got any clever organizing ideas for all the supplies and toys?


  1. I posted our playroom last year:
    I had closets for their toys in the playroom. Will you have a closet or bookshelf area? Looks great so far, love that they picked out such a fun color, we did a vibrant turquoise in our playroom too!

  2. Your son did a great job with the color choice! I love it.

  3. It looks way better already! Good job!

  4. A huge improvement already, so I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  5. Your room looks really nice, Kindra. We have a big rec room in our basement...still trying figure out clever ideas. ;) Stop over and say hi. :)

  6. How awesome to have such a big room for your kids! We do have a play rom downstairs, but it's also a media room/guest room/workout room/my place to refinish furniture... let's just say it's a crowded room with not much space to play!


  7. Looking GREAT so far! Can't wait to see the final result :)

  8. Another wonderful post my friend it looks awesome and your cute little helper. So nice to catch up with you again.Sending you and your lovely family special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  9. Kindra, that looks AWESOME!! :) What a great room for them to play! :)

  10. What a difference a can of paint makes:)Looks so bright and open! Great job,Deidre~

  11. It's looking great! What kind of floor did you put in? I've been avoiding doing any posts on our's pretty scary! Maybe it should be my first New Year's project...:)


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