Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Terrific Under Ten Tuesday #48


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Here are a few projects featured from Terrific Under Ten Tuesday and the Be Mine Bonanza Linky Parties:

Colorful Bench Makeover from Fab Rehab Creations

Kid's Pallet Table by Shabby Love

Melted Crayon Art from Helping Little Hands

Valentine Artwork from Paper, Ribbon and Ink

10 Things I Love About You Gift from Cup of Delight

Rosette Heart from What Meegan Makes

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

2nd Annual Be Mine Bonanza Recap

Thanks to all my guest bloggers for joining me on the 2nd Annual Be Mine Bonanza this past week!

January 22 Kindra-At Home With K

January 23 Christina-Christina's Adventures

January 24 Heather-Summerstead

January 25 Tiffany-Ladycrafter14

January 26 Sarah-All Roads Lead Home

January 27 Michelle-Emerald Cove

January 28 Gwen-Gwenny Penny

Thank you for sharing your time and your outrageous talent with each and everyone of us!
I heart you all!

And thanks to all who linked up to the Be Mine Bonanza linky party!
I will feature a couple favorites this Tuesday at the Terrific Under Ten Tuesday linky party.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Be Mine Bonanza: Day 7-Valentine's Flag Bunting

Hey, everybody! I'm Gwen and I blog over at Gwenny Penny. I'm so glad Kindra asked me to be part of her Be Mine Bonanza again this year. Last year I shared my Painted Muslin Hearts tutorial. This year I have a Valentine's Flag Bunting tutorial for you...
I've made similar buntings over the past few years, one for Halloween and one for Thanksgiving. I decided it was time to add a Valentine's bunting to the list, too. And since I've never shared a tutorial for how I make these, this is the perfect time :)
felt (I used gray for the flags and white for the hearts)
cotton fabric (I used two different fabrics)
3 buttons (I used 3/4" diameter)
embroidery floss
ribbon or twill tape - about 2.25 yds (I used 1/2" wide white twill tape)
disappearing or water soluble marking pen or pencil
pinking shears
scissors or rotary cutter
coordinating thread
Step 1: Click HERE to print out the template for the flags. Print at 100%, no scaling. Cut out around the larger triangle.
Step 2: Trace your template from Step 1 onto your felt. Do this five times. Cut out your five felt triangles.
Step 3: Take your template from Step 1 and cut it down to the smaller triangle size. Trace this triangle onto your cotton fabric. You will need five of these triangles. I used three solid red triangles and two red and white striped triangles. You could make all five the same or all five different, too. Cut out these five triangles using pinking shears on the angled sides.
Step 4: Take one of your felt triangles and set it in front of you with the point toward you. Lay one of your cotton triangles on top of it, lining up the top edges of the triangles and centering the cotton triangle horizontally on the felt triangle.
Sew from the top edge to the point of the cotton triangle, about 1/8 - 1/4" from the edge.
Leaving the needle down, lift your presser foot and turn the triangles so that you can sew up the other side of the cotton triangle from the point to the top edge. Lower your presser foot and sew.
Repeat this step for all five felt/cotton triangle combinations.
Step 5: Now for some decorating. I drew a heart on a piece of paper and cut it out, but you could also do a Google Images search for a heart outline to use. My hearts are about 2.5" square. Trace your heart template onto your felt. You will need three hearts if you are adding them to every other flag like I did. Cut out each felt heart. Choose which flags you are adding your hearts to. Place your hearts about 1.5" down from the top of each flag and pin in place. Carefully sew around the edge of each heart, about 1/8" from the edge.
Step 6: More embellishment... Use embroidery floss to attach a button to the center of each heart. I just knotted mine on the front to hold them in place.
Step 7: Take your ribbon or twill tape and leave an 18" tail at one end. Line up the top edge of your ribbon over the top edge of your first flag. Pin in place.
Leave a 3" gap and pin your second flag in place. Repeat this for each flag, leaving a 3" gap between them and an 18" tail of ribbon at either end of the bunting.
Sew over each flag along the top edge of your ribbon, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and end of each flag. If you are using a wide ribbon, you may want to add a row of stitching along the bottom edge of the ribbon as well.
You're finished! Now hang it up :)
Don't sew? Use glue to hold all of your layers together :)
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Please stop by Gwenny Penny for a visit anytime. I would love to have you. Thanks so much for having me here today, Kindra!

Thanks so much Gwen for ending our series with a bang! I just love the look of the grey with the traditional red and white. A festive banner to enjoy, that's for sure! I can't sew (yet...) but like Gwen said, I can use glue. :) Gwen is a very talented crafter that mainly focuses on sewing projects. If I lived closer I would be knocking on her door to get a lesson or 2 from her. You can find Gwen over at Gwenny Penny! Pop on over and say hi!


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Mine Bonanza: Day 6-A Beachy Valentine Wreath

Hi there! 
I am Michelle from Emerald Cove and I am so happy to be here again at the Second Annual Be Mine Bonanza!

I had so much fun last year with the pom-pom flowers.
This year since I am longing for the beach, and if you follow me you know how much I LOVE the beach, I decided to pull out my driftwood, shells and twine and create a Valentine wreath from the beach.

I gathered my materials:
Styrofoam heart
Shells (starfish)
wood rod 
faux pearls

Before I started winding the twine around the heart, I though that it would be easier to place the wood rod in first.

A good idea, but be gentle when you are pushing it through and you might even find something sharp to get you started otherwise you wind up with a broken heart. :(

No worries though, nothing a little hot glue can't handle!

Once you have the rod through, you can start winding and winding...

and winding!

It does take a while but it is something that you can do while watching TV and when you are done it will look something like this.

I had to get creative with the points of the heart and unfortunately I don't really have a "correct" way to do it but I will say hot glue helps ALOT. 

From there you can glue on your shells.

I used a starfish for the point of the arrow and clam shells for the feathers.

Then I adorned then with the faux pearls.

The final part was to just tie them to the piece of driftwood with twine and hang!

"If love was water, I would give you the sea."

I heart the beach! :)

Thank you Kindra for inviting me to join up again this year and hosting such a wonderful event, I am always so inspired by you.

Thank you so much Michelle for joining in on the Be Mine Bonanza again! I just love the idea of using twine to create such a wonderful wreath. Adding the beachy feel is perfect to go along with the decor in Michelle's home. You can find Michelle HERE. She has one of the biggest hearts and it shines through her words and photography. Her projects are pretty awesome as well. Drop on by and tell I sent ya. :)

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Be Mine Bonanza: Day 5-Pendant Glass Valentine Necklaces

Hello everyone. I am Sarah from All Roads Lead Home. So honored and excited to be back for the 2nd annual Be Mine Bonanza! Thank you Kindra, this is such a fun event! My daughter Emily and I teamed up on this year’s Valentine craft. There is nothing better than creating with the ones you love. We had a great time and we would love to show you how to make these pendant glass necklaces for yourself or to give as gifts to your family and friends.

I will say that most of these supplies we already had around the house which is a great money saver, anyone that is a crafter is sure to have some of these items on hand too.
Here is what you will need:
Scrapbook paper. We had these from previous years. But I did price them and they are really an inexpensive item to purchase in individual sheets.

Aleen’s Paper Glaze. Super Glue. Ribbon or the ball chain on the spool which comes with clasps. An Xacto knife. Glass pendants in whatever shapes you choose. And the silver bails which will attach to your pendant for hanging.

Close up of the glass pendants and bails:

You will also need some jump rings if you choose to add charms like we did. Some of the charms we used didn’t even need a jump ring. Also pictured are the little clasps for the ball chain.

Totally optional fun embellishments are: Stamps, stickers and charms.

Here is the wonderful website where we found the supplies that we didn’t have on hand. The items we ordered were very reasonably priced. We didn’t need to order much, but they sure do have plenty of great options! Sun And Moon Craft Kits, check them out! Let’s get started!

Step 1: With your Xacto knife carefully cut around the image or design of your choice.

Step 2: You may need to tidy up the edges until you get a nice clean cut that fits under your pendant perfectly.

Step 3: On the backside of your pendant squeeze just a couple tiny drops of the Aleen’s paper glaze, spread out just a bit & place your scrapbook square design side down. Wipe off any excess.
Step 4: When turned over, there should be no paper showing over the edges on the right side of your pendant.

Step 5: On the back side place a few more small drops of the Aleen’s paper glaze.

Spread all the way out to the edges, don’t use too much, just enough to coat the back evenly. Smooth out any bubbles. Allow this to dry overnight.
Step 6: When it is completely dry place a small dot of super glue on your silver bail. Not much is needed here either. Just enough to secure it well.
Step 7: Attach in the center of your pendant. Again, letting this dry overnight. Super glue dries relatively fast, but overnight is best. And that is it! If you don’t choose to purchase the ball chain with the clasps, use ribbon. Such an inexpensive way to make a necklace and adds so much color too! Place it through the loop on the bail and tie it…so cute! Here are some of our finished products:

The letter E was done with an ink stamp, as well as the red pendant with the key and the heart. The letter S was done with a transparent sticker over scrapbook paper. I think the charms add just the perfect finishing touch. We had these on hand in our jewelry making stash. But they are available at Michaels Arts and Crafts store for $.89 - $1.99.
My daughter and I had a blast making these! She has already given some of them away as gifts. We hope you will try this project. You can personalize them in so many ways. We had plenty of ideas swirling around in our heads, there just wasn’t time to do them all. We wanted to make fingerprint hearts with our ink stampers, we also wanted to print out some black and white photos to use too. That will be the next time around. We WILL be making more! The possibilities are endless! Thanks so much Kindra for asking me to guest post today! There have been some fantastic posts already, I will keep tuning in for even more inspiration! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~

Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial with us, Sarah! And I'm so glad your daughter was involved to help create these FAB necklaces! I have always wanted to try this craft out, so I need to get some supplies and make my own jewelry line. :) You can find Sarah over at All Roads Lead Home. She is a gal of many talents. She is super creative and is awesome at makeovers and decor displays. Go on over and tell her hi!

Be Mine Bonanza Linky Party
I also want to feature you as well. Instead of my Terrific Under Ten Tuesday this week, I will have a Be Mine Bonanza linky party open up all week.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Mine Bonanza: Day 4-Felt Topiary and Free Valentine Printable

Guest Post from
Tiffany at Ladycrafter14

I just love decorating with RED!

Valentine's Day is so fun for me.  I created a Free Printable and especially love the "1 Corithians 13:13" line that I embedded in the print.

Above you can see the faux red topiary... read on to see the "how to"

You will need a Styrofoam ball, red felt, scissors, straight pins, and a little bit of time... hence the beer:)

Trace around a cup or something to make a circle pattern on your felt.  Then take your pattern and stack your felt 6 high, at least... hopefully your fabric shears are sharp.  Cut approximately one bajillion circles... haha each topiary was about 1/4 yard of red felt.

To create your "petals" begin by folding a felt circle in half.

then you are going to bring in one-third of it

fold in the other one-third

next stick a straight pin through the corner

stick that sucker in your Styrofoam ball and continue

leave a circular bare spot for the ball to rest on a candlestick.  You could also stick a dowel into the ball and create a slightly different look.  I like the candlesticks... which were wedding gifts that I never knew what to do with because I'm not that fancy, but I love the look with the felt topiaries!

Up Close!

So Pretty!

The printable link is below.

Another use for this technique is to get a Styrofoam heart and create a wreath.

Happy Valentine's Day from Ladycrafter14!!!

Thank you so much for guest posting here today, Tiffany! My favorite color is red, so I was oohing and aaahing over this fun topiary. What a great pop of color it gives to her shelf arrangement! And thanks for the free printable as well! Tiffany is another Nebraska blogger that loves to create when she has free time from her 4 beautiful children. You can check out her wonderful blog HERE!


I also want to feature you as well. Instead of my Terrific Under Ten Tuesday this week, I will have a Be Mine Bonanza linky party open up all week.

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