Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Pillows

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Well I took the plunge this past week and did some sewing projects. Sewing is really out of my comfort zone. Give me wood and a big saw and I'm fine...a sewing machine intimidates me. :) Sadly, my husband knows more about a sewing machine than I do! He gave me a mini lesson on our hand me down sewing machine from his grandma. I only had to sew straight lines so it wasn't too hard after I got the hang of it. It was actually pretty fun and I can't wait to do some more easy sewing projects in the near future!

Do you want to see what I whipped up?
We recently moved our youngest son to a bigger room in our house. So I'm in the process of sprucing up his room with some new accessories. Some cool DIY pillows were on the list to add to his door bed!

I first started with a no sewing machine pillow project first. My son and I found this cool placemat at Target. I think it was around $3.

I took a seam-ripper to the side of the placemat and made a hole big enough that I could easily stuff the pillow with poly-fil.

The poly-fil I already had on hand for several years. That just gives you an idea on how I've been dragging my feet learning how to sew! :)

Once the placemat was stuffed with enough poly-fill, I hand sewn the opening with a needle and thread.

This was a super easy pillow to make! It literally took me minutes to make.
I love the stripped pattern!

Then I wanted to add a little graphic detail. That was easily done by doing the freezer paper stencil method to a couple pillows.

I found a 4 pack of bright green napkins at Target for $1.78. I couldn't pass them up with that great price!

This is where our sewing machine came in! I sewed 2 sets of napkins together to make 2 pillow covers.
My son loves cars and trains, so I googled car and train silhouettes. I found several images to choose from and I chose some very simple ones that I could easily print and cut out with my exacto knife. Click HERE to see my full tutorial on how to freezer paper stencil. It's fun and easy to do!

Once the paint was dry, I filled the pillow covers with the existing batting I had on hand and then hand sewn the opening I left on the side.

All 3 pillows cost less than $5 to make! Gotta love that!
And most importantly I have one happy 4 year old!

Do you sew? If not, then maybe it's time to try! If I can do it, anyone can!

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  1. These pillows turned out great. I love a good pillow but have such a hard time closing it up so I usually by the pillow form and make a cover.

    1. Thanks! I was intimidated by handstitching the hole on the side once I stuffed the pillow form at first. But it really wasn't that bad. It's not perfect but you can barely notice. Here is a link that could maybe help:

  2. You are so AMAZING! Great idea! I wouldn't mind to learn to sew but I need a machine first :) This will be perfect for me! THANKS!

    1. I found a perfectly good sewing machine in my old neighbor's curbside trash when they moved out. So you never know when one might pop up. LOL I know they have no sew adhesive. It would be found probably in the fabric department. It's a great alternative to not sewing and would work great to make pillows.

  3. Wonderful job, Kindra! I Love how the pillows turned out.
    I know the basics of sewing and that's about it, Lol!
    I would much rather be painting, or working with wood.
    But this looks easy enough that anyone could do it!
    Are you going to be showing the room all finished when your
    done? I would Love to hear how you made the bed.

    1. Sandy, here is the link on how we made the bed about 2 years ago.

  4. They look awesome! Love the car / train shapes you used! Gotta love that freezer paper :)

  5. Your pillows turned out AMAZING! I really need to try the freezer paper! I would love for you to come share at my linky party!


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