Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Resurrection Eggs

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This is an old project I shared last year but thought I would repost for any newbies here at At Home With K!

Do you have any traditions to celebrate Easter with your family?

I have a fun and easy project to do with your family as you count down the days.

All you need is an empty egg carton, some recycled eggs from last year (or new) and some trinkets for each egg.

Label each egg from 1-12 with a permanent marker.

The trinkets can be found throughout your house. If you google Resurrection eggs then there are many examples on what you can use for trinkets.

Here is the list that I used for my family's set.

#1 The Palm branch/leaf--represents the triumphal entry. Matthew 21:8

# 2 The 3 Dimes--represent the money that was paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus. Matthew 26:14-15

#3 The cloth--represents the scarlet robe that was placed on Jesus during the trial. It was making fun of the fact that He was the "King of the Jews." Matthew 27:28

#4 The thorn--represents the crown that was placed on Jesus' head. John 19:2

#5 The knotted rope--represents how Jesus was bound and led away by the soldiers. Matthew 27:2

#6 The cross--represents the cross that Jesus was made to carry Himself. Along the way, Simon was ordered to carry it the rest of the way. John 19:17

#7 The nail(s)--represent the scars that were in Jesus' hands when He showed them to the disciples to prove it was really Him. John 20:25-27

#8 The dice--represent when the soldiers cast lots (gambled) to see who would get what was left of Jesus' clothes. John 19:24

#9 The sponge--represents the vinegar water that was offered to Jesus while He was on the cross. Matthew 27:34

#10 The Linen fabric--represents when Peter came to the tomb and found the burial cloths that had been around Jesus, but no body! John 20:6-7

#11 The rock--represents the rock that was in front of the tomb. It was rolled away by an angel of the Lord. Matthew 28:2

#12 The empty egg--represents the empty tomb when Jesus had risen from the dead. Matthew 28:5-6

I printed out the list and cut each egg description out into strips and slipped them into each egg.

A simple way to teach my kids the real reason for the season. It's also fun for mom and dad. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your Ressurection Eggs. I have shared my Ressurection Eggs with my 2nd Grade class when I was teaching in a Christian school. May God bless you and give you and your family a Blessed Easter.

  2. Thanks for the awesome idea! I cannot wait to do this for Easter this year.


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