Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garage Sale Season

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Garage sale season is finally here! Even though I am more pickier than I once was, I love to find great thrift finds for our home!

Here are just a few blast from the past thrift finds and makeovers:

I found this box at a small flea market for $1. It had great bones, but gross bird stickers and a felt bottom.

I cleaned it up, removed the stickers and felt. Then I painted it 'country tan', sanded it down and applied MinWax Dark Walnut Stain. It makes a great little box for decorating small gatherings.

I got this great end table at a garage sale for $3. It had great bones and super sturdy. Even has a big drawer on the bottom for storage. It just needed an update.

After cleaning it up, I painted it black, gave it some sanding and applied stain. It's still one of my favorite items in the house.

I got this mini spice cupboard at a garage sale for $5. A little high for me, but spice cupboards can be quite expensive even 'newer ones' like the one I found here. So $5 was a bargain. The first thing to go was the horrible knobs on this thing. It looks like 3 sets of eyes looking at you! With a mouth!

I replaced the knobs with new mini wood ones and also removed the little trim at the bottom. Then I gave it a good cleaning. It was very stinky!! I had to soak it for a couple days even. Once all dry, I painted it black then red on top. I gave it a sanding and then applied stain on top. Still another favorite in our home.

And even though my style of decorating has changed a little bit since taking these pictures, these items still fit in well in our home.

Do you love to go thrifting as much as I do?! :) Have you hit the garage sales yet?


  1. Oh yes, I love thrifting! I've never had much luck at garage sales. I have 3 huge plastic storage containers full of thrift store finds ready to be redone. I hate sanding and so they sit. I think I will buy hubs a palm sander for his birthday. Hee hee.

    1. Michelle, you have a lot of work to do! :) Palm sanders are wonderful! Such a time saver!

  2. Nice re-do projects, they turned out great. I also love to take items and redo them.
    We do not have many garage sales here in our area, but we do have a second
    hand shop that sometimes has good things.
    Have a nice weekend
    Country at heart

  3. Love that even though your style has changed you still made room for these beauties. I used to love all of your re-do's. Seems like everyone quit doing them. I loved the ideas. If you do any new one's in your new style please share them.


  4. Hi Kindra,
    Enjoyed reading about your garage sale finds. I love that you didn't paint everything white. All tho I do love painted furniture of any shade. Natural is great too. Yes, Garage sale season is upon us. If you get a minute stop by my blog I wrote about my experience at yard sales this week. I so enjoyed my visit here I am one of your new followers.

  5. your end table is gorgeous! My kind of deal too - $3 - just right! :) It kind of looks like it was part of a vanity? I have 2 sitting out in my barn... looks just like that only 2 with a mirror in the middle! Maybe I could cut one of mine apart...

  6. such great makeovers! I made a very similar makeover of a wall box type thing like yours and never knew what to display in it... you have a great display in yours... thanks for the ideas!

  7. You are SO awesome! :) I love your thrifty makeovers and all your crafts!

    Hope everyone is well, Kindra!



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