Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Craft Fair Pictures

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If you came by yesterday and didn't see the Terrific Under Ten Tuesday posted, that was not a mistake. Linky Tools, the site which enables you to link up your projects, was down and has been for a few days now. So I decided to postpone TUTT until next week.

I came across some more craft fair pictures while archiving my personal blog. This craft fair is from October 2008. Time flies! It feels like yesterday.

So much fun looking at these past pics. Gets me in the mood to craft!


  1. I LOVE your large star sign Kindra. Is it for sale? So many goodies ;)

    1. Sorry Sandy this stuff was sold back in 2008. :) But thanks!

  2. Had I been at that show I would have spent all my money in your booth! My mother-in-law used to do craft shows but her stuff was what I call Grandma crafts i.e. crochet, plastic canvas, clothes for the cement goose. I love going but they seem to be getting far and few between around here.

  3. Craft fairs and boutiques seems to be pretty good here around Lincoln, but I know a lot of people that go just for the ideas. :)

    Gotta love grandma crafts. :) At the assisted living I work at, there are a couple geese outside a resident's room that they dress up for the seasons. :)

  4. I wish I would have went to one of your craft fairs, you are SO talented!! If only I had just a little bit of your talent, you amaze me!!
    LOVE the wooden flowers, those are great, and they cant die! LOL
    Love it all, thanks for taking us down memory lane with you!
    hugs, Darla


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